NJ industry contacts

Thanks for the background. I knew they do foie and meat, but I wasn’t familiar with the backstory of the founder. I certainly have questions myself now that you provided the background. Do you or others here know her?

I agree we should find people who can talk about a wide variety of topics about cooking and eating, and avoid cases where it’ll become unintended ‘officially-approved’ product pitches.

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Man…I just don’t know what you would do without me around here…:grin:

@joonjoon Did you hear me laughing VERY LOUDLY up the street?!?:joy:

In the early 2000s the company operated a wonderful Gascony restaurant in New York. The cooking was everything you wanted to eat more than once.

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I was wondering where that loud cackling was coming from!! :wink: Glad to entertain. :smiley:

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Goose and duck fat rule !

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We (none named Aramis, Athos or Porthos) ordered every dish made with lamb or duck. Classic technique produced classic flavors from their own ducks. The memorable innovation was a foie mousse-stuffed Armagnac-soaked prune (no one missed Sauternes jelly). The partners suffered the misfortune of opening not that long after 9/11; our waiter came to this job after being laid off at Le Bernardin (hard to imagine trade there being slow).

Cassoulet & Confit !

I followed the link but I’m not a member of yelp, is anyone else? If need be I’ll sign up but if someone else can reach out to him please do. He was a good guy, contributor would be nice to have him over here as well.

Pete is going to do it! Thanks @CurlzNJ !

Now since NJ is the first Q&A, we should figure out a good format. Has anyone done a Reddit AMA type of Q&A? Pros? Cons? Stuff to borrow?

I have but the hookers never show up as pre-arranged.

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I put together some thoughts on the Q&A format. Any thoughts and feedback?

I think we’re more likely to get people to agree to a date range for questions to be asked/answered, but I also think we need to be sure we have some questions ready ahead of time (and/or a standard set of questions for all interviewees just to kick things off…?). I want to give this some more thought, but will certainly chime in with additional ideas.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo