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Just saw a Booskerdoo post that says THEY are staying open but Sickles in Red Bank is closing. (For those who don’t know, Boosk is inside the store.) And I just found the Sickles IG post:

It is with a heavy heart that we have made the very difficult decision to close @sicklesredbank as of 6pm today, Thursday, February 15th.

@sicklesmarket in Little Silver and @bottlesbysickles will remain open.

@booskerdoo and its delicious coffee in Red Bank will also remain open.

We can assure you that this decision was not made lightly; we acknowledge the impact Sickles Red Bank closing will have on our Team, our friends of the Anderson Building and all of Red Bank.

We have been honored to serve the community of Red Bank with The Good Stuff and our Bites. To say we are heartbroken does not quite cover it. We opened our operations in Red Bank in August 2020 and four years later, the repercussions of the pandemic never allowed us to fully turn this location into what we had dreamed. Sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward. This is the step we are taking to do just that.

We continue to learn and grow everyday as a family and a business. We have watched your shopping needs change over the past four years and we will do our best to keep going strong as we build on a foundation that has been here since 1908. In these past few months, we have heard from many that we remain your happy place and also that we have fallen short at times.

We ask you to support us at Sickles Market Little Silver and Bottles by Sickles. We will do our best to stock the shelves so you may shop with us like you always have, every day and for your celebrations.

Please support us like you have for the past 116 years and most importantly support our Team who have been hard at work with all of this noise that has surrounded us these past few months.

Lastly, we humbly ask for your patience and understanding as we take a little time to pull it all together.

With love, gratitude, reflection, and the good stuff.

The Sickles Family and Team

I had never been to the new location. Just out of the way for me. Think the lack of people buying lunch or dinner for work hurt them. The LS location is great but $$$. We go for stuff once in a while but it’s hard to justify the price sometimes. Many in the area don’t seem to mind but the huge flagship location they picked prob couldn’t support them revenue wise.
I wanted to check out the wine spot but not having any inventory online was a problem for me when I can just run to total wine for large purchases and have LS bottle shop for an emergency bottle of wine. (Technically the liquor store in food town in closest but between the constantly skunked beer and horrible attitude of employees in our on that spot).

I’ve been in Sickles RB twice, iirc. Once to meet someone for coffee at Booskerdoo, and the other time just to wander through the store because I’d never been there. I’ll spend $$ on food but I though the prices were astronomical and wondered if there were enough people in RB (living/working) who could keep them in business.

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This is of absolutely no surprise to me. I’ve been there a handful of times and while it was certainly “good” there are plenty of “good” places in the area. Their prices are excessive, I know this firsthand as my daughter moved to Tower Hill in Red Bank so that has become her “go to” grocer.

@Metsfan86 if the FoodTown is the closest then Circus liquors (my favorite) is right around the block, and they have excellent selection(s) and prices.

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A new restaurant in Keyport opened.

I believe a “first” in Indian cuisine for the town.