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I’m starting this thread for early news about restaurants/chef announcements, etc.

Many of us here in Asbury Park are buzzing about this news…once the restaurant has a name I’ll be happy to start a thread on it!

In other AP food news, the folks who own Barrio Costero are opening a Mediterranean restaurant called Reyla in the space formerly occupied by Cibo e Vino. Can’t wait… If the photos I’ve seen are any indication, this could be very, very good.


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A little love from Eater…and while I don’t necessarily agree with all of the spots they’ve included (or their lack of mention of Taka being a true pioneer downtown), it’s always nice to get good PR!

Asbury Park Has Improbably Become the Jersey Shore’s Hottest Dining Destination


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Here we go Curlz let me help give your NJ Food News thread a little update here:

Food Still SUCKS here!!


HA! And I sent the article to a few NNJ friends, one of whom asked if we should try Pop’s Garage next time he’s here. Um, NOOOOOOOOOOOO.


Cake batter hummus, anyone? Popular NYC hummus-ery is coming to Jersey


A few new restaurants that have popped up in recent months:

MiLina Cuisine & Cravings - Colombian Restaurant - Parlin, NJ
Olaide’s Kitchen - Nigerian Restaurant - Parlin, NJ
El Rinconcito De Mama - Mexican Restaurant - Matawan, NJ (Replaced Casa Fabian)
1958 Cuban Cuisine - Westfield, NJ
Rio de la Plata Empanadas and Bakery - Uruguayan - Hillside, NJ
Taqueria Brenda Lee - Mexican - Elizabeth, NJ


Wow…good stuff! Let us know if you hit any of these spots up. I enjoy reading about your food adventures


Please tell me more about this Mexican spot! I will be so excited if this is really good!


Haven’t gotten the chance to try them yet… been on a bit of a diet :stuck_out_tongue:


We went tonight for tacos. After reading this today I wanted some tacos bad!! Highly recommend the El pastor (pork with pineapple) but would skip the beef next time. It wasn’t bad but needed salt and a healthy spray of lime. Definitely worth coming back to. Reasonable and really friendly.


YIPPEE, sez me!!!


And while I’m at it, a new venture from the Nettuno Truck folks is open in Loveland (Pt. Pleasant)…


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Wow…when did Dino’s close?


Uh…last spring??

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Dammmmm…so much for my post Johnny Mac’ pig outs. Once after an all Sunday morning bender at the “brunch” I stopped at Dino’s and bought everyone in the place a cannoli then bought a dozen to go and handed them out on the street. lol

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Our tacos yesterday came with lime wedges; didn’t yours? They also came with radish slices (at least the beef and chorizo one), which is a good indication of authenticity (at least to me). On the other hand, the tacos had only one tortilla each–some places “double up”, which means you can pick up one and the other catches all the stuff that falls out. :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s good for tacos, but the menu is rather limited. They have a molcajete and carne asada, but no other grilled meat platters (at least that I saw on the menu. It seems more a lunch spot: tacos, tortas, burritos, etc., but certainly decent for that. And they have diet soda!

Street parking is iffy, but the free municipal lot (behind the dance studio and the old Aby’s) is only a block away.

(We have the added bonus that it is only 2 miles from our house.)


According to that famous paper of note ( I probably don’t have to name it, but for those of you outside of Monmouth County, it’s the Tri-City News) , David Burke is opening A new place at the Driftwood called Drift House Restaurant by David Burke Bar and Grill. His brother Robert will be the executive chef. This is the space currently occupied by Ama.

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I have so much to say about this but as my momma taught me: “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all”.

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make sure you speak up so I can hear everything