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Passed by Perusa but have not had a chance to stop by. My favorite parts of Peruvian cuisine are…

Leche de Tigre preferably with Snapper or Corvina. The leche is strained broth from cooking leftover fish/parts with celery, onions, aji, lime, seasoning.

Tacu Tacu refers to football shaped beans and rice topped with steak, seafood, etc… Usually get steak and unless it is eaten fresh is usually a bit overcooked. I just harken back to the well done preferences of my youth.

Pollo a la Brasa is marinated rotisserie chicken with Peruvian spices. Hard to argue with this dish. Staple of takeout and great the next day, or the day after that. Usually a great deal for takeout.

Palta Rellena is 1/2 Avocado with shrimp, tuna or chicken salad on top.

Other dishes…

Jalea is mixed fried seafood and is best eaten at the restaurant.

Chaufa is similar to Chinese fried rice with various versions.

Beef or Chicken Saltado is a vinegar based brown sauce with onions, tomatoes, peppers served with fries and rice.

Tallarin is similar to pesto, pasta served with various proteins.

Causa is riced potatoes mixed with aji amarillo. It is formed and layered with tuna, shrimp or chicken salad.

Parihuela is a tomato based seafood dish that I find just OK.

Lots to like.


Thank you so much for the great write-up. You obviously know your stuff.

I’m going to have to go back and figure out what we’ve had so far. Definitely had their version of Taco Taco, Lomo Saltado, Tallarin, and some version of ceviche but I can’t remember which. Mr Bean’s favorite is Anticucho/Grilled Beef Hearts. Knowing me I’ll start at the top of your list and work my down, though hopefully not in one visit (though you never know).

The last time we went to Perusa they were out of chicken but we love the one from Super Pollo in Brick and I always have a supply of Peru Foods marinade on hand.

Thanks again.


Ooo I can’t wait to check it out next week !


My pleasure.
I have tried Anticucho and it is good but I usually look elsewhere for my apps.
Prefer the frozen Peruvian staples when I can as opposed to the jarred items. Exito has a good selection and purchasing a few items there, plus some YouTube searches (Spanish for best results) can result in some tasty homemade meals.
It is an interesting cuisine. Learning to cook Peruvian dishes and by extension, Chinese for Chaufa has broadened my palate and cooking acumen. Many times I have to temper my crazy fusion ideas. Most important is to have the right ingredients on hand.

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21A is a beautiful space with two levels and great modern look. Nice patio in back for the nice weather.
Chef had spent time at Danny’s. Looking forward to sampling their food and cocktails.


We usually eat the Anticucho as a main. Mr Bean thinks we ought to have it for Valentine’s Day - his idea of romantic.

Never heard of Exito before your mention but now am going to have to take yet another road trip to a grocery store. I have a list of them. Any preferences as to location?

My family thinks fusion is my middle name.

I would comment but I just don’t have the heart. :crazy_face:


News (to me, at least) via APP: Spring Lake Seafood

Anyone been? They’re reopening in mid-Feb.

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Interesting Next time I walk the SL boardwalk - which is usually at least once week - I’ll have to do a drive-by.

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Freehold has a better selection but I frequent Long Branch more often.
Still feel funny about the Pork Roll Matzoh Brei I made once…

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I read this to The Sprout who’s immediate response was do we have matzoh? I want to make this.

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And you know MY response… OF COURSE YOU DO!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Not news, but just some shameless self-promotion:

For those in Atlantic Highlands and Navesink, there is an article in the February issue of Atlantic Highlands Living featuring Justin’s Sunday Sauce recipe. I did the write-up, but the recipe is entirely his. One of their editors saw my food pictures last month and asked for a submission.

Pretty cool stuff if I do say so myself!


Saw the second page first and thought that was an odd pic to include of you guys!
Will have to try out this recipe now. Congrats


I went to college with David Callahan from RealFi pictured in between the Sultans of Sunday Sauce and the scientists. Hi Dave!

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Seed to Sprout in Fair Haven has permanently closed. The Avon location remains open.

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He’s everywhere!


Ate at Piero’s once, though it had been there forever. Terrible location for a restaurant. Not sure you could even call it a graveyard. More like a vortex!

I just spit out my coffee. Know your neighborhood Mr Burke. Crazy talk.


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