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It’s a chain. I had it in FL and the food is ok. You can certainly do worse for bbq, but it would not be my first choice with a lot of the other options (Jsbbq, local smoke, TST, etc) we have in the area.

I love their model highlighting our military and service and I used them to cater a fairly large street fair in Philly. https://mission-bbq.com/our-story/


Oh well that’s disappointing. I’ll have to try it, just to see what it’s all about when they finally open.

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Not sure if this was posted already but very interesting


Chicken is back at ShopRite - at least at my local Wall store mentioned above. What are others seeing?

Didn’t realize it had gone away. In Aberdeen (where I shop on Mondays) I don’t recall ever seeing the case empty, though it’s possible they were out of some subset (e.g., organic cutlets).

Wonder who will operate it. Mcloones?

Shoprite got to go earlier in the day at WLB. Shrewsbury seemed stocked.
Perdue and Tyson smaller footprint and fewer choices as they push Bowl Basket.
Heard at work someone mention whole chickens were hard to find.

It may have happened between your visits. I was there last Thursday when there was no chicken and the store was well stocked today. I friend told me the new store on Route 35 in Belmar had chicken when she was there on Sunday.

Neptune yesterday was restocked, but ONLY with breasts and drumsticks. All brands. So weird!
Oh, and while I was there, an announcement was made about their new store hours - now opening at 7am, and closing an hour earlier. Started this past Sunday, and I assume that’s for all of the Saker stores.

And I found this article about supply issues interesting…

Dang - I almost went to the Neptune store, which has become my usual store for “big” shopping but I only needed a couple of specific things and and Wall is easier to run an out of.

Thanks for the posting that article. We need to readjust our thinking to how most of the world has lived for a long time now. - long before COVID. My shopping lists have been written in pencil rather than ink for a while now.


Completely agree. I ran in/out of Wegmans in Ocean on Monday and found the produce department had been DECIMATED. As in, a legit 75% empty. Walking a few aisles for other things, I saw more empty shelves. It’s really odd, but as I keep saying, WE have to rethink our Veruca Salt mindsets.



Wow!! Sounds promising

WOW! ShopRite produce was mostly full. I bet this has more to do with store issues (ie Covid outbreaks) than nationwide supply-chain type issues. I wonder if it makes a difference what time you’re shopping. I was there later in the afternoon - maybe they had more time to restock.


It was Wegmans that was decimated - not ShopRite! That’s why I was at SR the next day (GRRR). I do find that in general, SR is always better stocked vs. Wegmans…it’s continual at SR, whereas it always seems like Wegmans either has people restocking produce all at once (making it even MORE difficult and aggravating to navigate that department than it always is), or they have nobody. It’s one of the reasons that I choose to go to SR 95% of the time.

But yes, timing matters too; I’m a big fan of the 3:30 or later trips!

ETA that I was running errands up 35 today, and decided to use the USPS in Shrewsbury around 12:30. Sign? CLOSED until 1:25. Did I say GRRRRRRR?

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My Wegmans run was typically Saturday or Sunday at 7 am. It’s a crapshoot at that time for produce, but I refuse to go there later in the day.
Stop and shop in Neptune was always pretty well stocked.
And when in doubt, there is always Jalapenos market at first and main in Asbury for basic produce, which is always stocked. Same for Super Super Market at third and memorial.


I was trying to say produce shortages may not be as global as we think if Wegmans is empty while ShopRite is well stocked. I guess I didn’t do a very good job.

I used to go to Wegmans often but the things for which it’s well known, like prepared foods and baked goods, are not things I typically buy. Now I usually go to the ShopRite in Neptune or Wall.

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I’ve never been to Jalapeños but Super Supermarket is one of my favorite stores. I’ll have to stop by the next time in the area.

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My builder friend is building it. Hmm…he rebuilt the Rum Runner after Sandy. I’ll ask him who will operate it.

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The USPS rule is that there must be at least two people on duty in the station when it’s open. So there have to be at least three people to stay open during lunchtime. (The Parlin station was always closed for an hour at lunchtime.)

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