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Hotel Tides in Asbury Park has sold, the last day for the current version of the Tides will be September 26.

The new owners will make some changes and plan on reopening in 2022.

This place was one of our go to’s to sit at the small bar and have a bite with a few drinks.
We have gotten to know everyone there and are upset but not much we can do.


Corbo and sons, the pizza/Italian spot located in bell works, looks to be opening a 2nd location in the former Europa grill spot on Shrewsbury on Shrewsbury ave.
I’ve had their pizza a few times now and I find it very good. This spot let what I read will have a bigger menu but no booze.

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Friends were talking about this at the beach yesterday… I live less than 2 blocks away and never ate there, but they said it had gone SERIOUSLY downhill from a food perspective.

Is that any relation to Corbo restaurant equipment in APP? I forgot his first name, Richard?, but the owner of the restaurant supply place is a handful. Couldn’t imagine him running a restaurant even if it’s pizza.

I’ve always enjoyed the food there but ate only at the bar.
Covid hasn’t helped, they basically had one person in the kitchen doing everything, the exec chef.

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Was wondering same. Lester Corbo. Have heard great stories about him over the years while selling equipment. A pistol, literally!

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold