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I can’t recall the last time I was at the Shrimp Box, but it’s easily 10-15+ years ago. Red’s I’ve been to more recently, the one thing I don’t understand is the “great vew”. Am I wrong or isn’t the view simply all the commercial fishing facilities and ships that dock in that area? I understand it’s on the water, cut it’s like a cul-de-sac of all commercial fishing, isn’t it?

For a better view at least the Lobster Shanty / Warfside has a view of Squan (some beachy / grassy area before the inlet) and the inlet itself. You get the occasional commercial fishing boat passing to/from the inlet but that’s about it, the rest are all recreational boats. When I was younger I kept a boat at Johnson Brothers in Pt, then later at my parents home in Toms River. I’ve been in and out of that inlet many times and docked and dined at each of them over the years. Does shrimp box do dock and dine?

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I’ve always thought of the Shrimp Box view as the armpit of waterways. Yes, all commercial boats and not much to look at. And the food is just touristy fare, nothing I would ever go to unless someone else requested it.

I don’t know if they do dock and dine, but having been back there on a boat, you can take your life in your hands when some of those commercial vessels are on the move! At least the Coast Guard can rescue you if they run into you!


Agree with you 100%. We have been to Red’s a couple of times (family members in NJ enjoy it).


My wife and I went to Montreal for our first wedding Anniversary and the smoked meat was amazing. Might be up 20 lbs by July 4th if it’s good.

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You are correct. The Shrimp box is not on open water but is more part of the commercial docks. You can see the open water if you’re facing north.

The Lobster Shanty Compound definitely has the best view of more open water view. We will sometimes kayak over to The Patio Bar which is completely outside and very casual. It’s much easier getting than getting home.

Reds probably has the best food of the 3 and the middling view as it basically lays between the two others.

I was never gone bitches!!


We kayak back every so often as we have friends who live on Lake Louise. The hardest -and scariest part is crossing the inlet. We usually only go during the week. Too many yahoos on the water during the weekend.

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That is totally wise of you! Weekend boating is just crazy. Most boaters have no regard for small watercraft, and don’t understand the ocncept of being responsible for whatever your wake does.

! Going through the railroad bridge when it was just reopening was always fun too. People have zero understanding of how to boat correctly.

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But they have learned the wrong way to do things very well!


So true about most boaters. I swear they speed up when they see a kayaker. I am not a fan of going through the train bridge in any kind of water craft.

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I’m surprised they never did anything better with that RR bridge. That passage is narrow especially when two boats are coming/going through. The combined wakes get very rough and you have to throttle thru or you will get pushed into the bridges pilings. I’ve never liked passing thru there and on one occasion I did side swipe the bridge when a much larger boat and I passed through simultaneously. I have no idea how a single screw/engine boat gets through there during mid summer traffic.


I imagine the cost to do something worthwhile would be significant. And I also imagine there would be jurisdictional issues between the Coast Guard, NJ Transit, the county and state that would come into play.

We were once heading home through the inlet when a train got stuck on the track either on or very close to the bridge (heading south toward PP). The back up of boats was just crazy. We were so happy we take a sharp right just before the bridge to get home. It took hours to get everyone through - I would imagine the CG may have directing been traffic. No one knows the rules for going through the bridge and they do no one obeys them.


Neither do the folks piloting those boats.

People with an outboard don’t seem to realize they will lose most steering control at idle speed and be subject to the eddy’s and currents at the bridge.


I figure that posting this here will get the most eyeballs… if you haven’t heard, Cookman Ave in Asbury Park is CLOSED TO CARS from Main Street down to Grand Ave. through the end of November (not a typo).

This means no parking the length of the street, no valet parking at the few places that had it, and going to pick up food is still going to require parking elsewhere (or a 2nd person to go get it while the driver takes laps). The city has done this to help the restaurants and make it a pedestrian-friendly summer with expanded space for outdoor dining. There is a lot at town hall on Main Street at the end of Cookman (across from Brando’s), but if you think you’re going to get a spot anywhere near where you’re going to eat, think again.

Full details: City of Asbury Park ReOPEN initiative


And since I have a (short-term) subscription to the APP and this article is behind the paywall, here are the places that were of some interest TO ME from the new restaurants at the shore article:

El Rey Rosticeria y Restaurante
(You get a link to this one because I wanted to know WHERE in AP–it’s 708 Emory St. YW.)

Nick + Sons Bakery in Brooklyn is opening a second location in Spring Lake

Ram Cafe in Howell

Cookie & Crumb in Atlantic Highlands
(I’m guessing it’s where Flaky Tart was)

Los Barbaros Birria, which started at Mayan Restaurant in Asbury Park, is opening in Belmar.

Iron Oak Smokehouse is coming to Schooner’s Wharf in Beach Haven

When Cat’s Luck Vegan opens in Neptune City this summer, owner Michelle Mancuso will serve breakfast and lunch in addition to baked goods. (You get the link to this one because I’m a CL customer and think she’s a doll AND a very good baker, vegan or not!)

El Sabor De Mi Pueblo in Keansburg

Ice cream cookie sandwiches from The Baked Bear, opening soon in The Loft in Long Branch’s Pier Village

Bar Bella outdoor deck at Bell Works in Holmdel (I’ve been here; lovely setting, JUST opened, so they’re still figuring some stuff out, but food is available from the places inside the bldg)

Ocean Brew Coffee in Spring Lake

Compassion Cafe, a nonprofit coffee shop staffed by employees with disabilities, opened for its first season inside Barry’s Do Me A Flavor in Beach Haven

Hummus Republic serves Mediterranean food including wraps, pitas, and bowls. The restaurant recently opened in Long Branch

Yes, the APP should pay me at this point. They don’t offer links to any of these, and they run photos with the same caption over and over again. Hence, my SHORT TERM subscription. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Nope, that is now Flour on First, and still cranking out great pastry.

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As I’m sure many of you do, friends sometimes give me “reports“ of places they’ve driven past…

Today I heard that there’s a new Peruvian place coming on Rt 34 in what she believes is Wall. That’s as much info as I have, but I figured for those of you in the area where 33 and 34 intersect, you might know what she’s talking about or can keep your eyes peeled for it. She said she’ll be driving past there again on Monday and will make note of what it says.

It’s the building next to the BBQ place. The sign for the coming Peruvian place has been up for a while. I never see any activity to suggest any work is ongoing.

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I’m heading up 34 as I type this. I’ll see if there’s anything else to report.

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