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Mmm nothing whets my appetite like food made with love by robots!! XD @NotJrvedivici if you had any respect for the chef you’d be getting some 5w-20 synthetic!!

Smorgasburg was fun, but the prices are a bit out of whack. I get the attraction but I don’t understand why people get so excited about paying sit down restaurant prices to stand around in line. It’s a bit antithetical to what makes street food great IMO. When I went we each ended up spending like 30 bucks each trying different things. And this was like 10 years ago.

But there was a (Peruvian?) sandwich that was one of the greatest things I’ve ever had, man I still dream about that thing.

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New Food Truck alert for Asbury Park!
Berg’s Smoked Meat & Poutine



That sounds soooo good. June can’t get here too soon.


Bikini season…who cares?!?

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Not I!


That menu looks great. Love smoked meat and love poutine!

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Also…@joonjoon can’t get here too soon.


I’m going to suggest they use the hashtag #SummerMeatSweats


Love the menu. Nice to see the local Hinck’s tie-in with the turkey sandwiches.

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Agreed! Really excited to try this one. There’s also a new Brazilian food truck that I think will be in the same place.


As an ex-montrealer, my ears are wiggling with anticipation! Smoked meat done well can’t be described unless you’ve tried it. And poutine with fresh squeaky curds… yummy!!

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Must admit that I’ve never had poutine! Very excited to try it.

Also the website says “Locations” so figured there were other spots already opened. But the link just says coming to Little Silver soon. Interested to see how it fares with Banditos in FH.

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I’m pretty sure if you’ve ever had disco fries and washed them down with a Molson, you’ve had poutine. Eh!?!?!?!?!?!

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Ahem. Lowenbrau. :grin: :rofl: :grin:

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Not that I did before but I probably won’t being using Esquire Magazine as a dining guide. Neither of these are “extraordinary” in my opinion. Others of course may feel differently.

I’d say your opinion is pretty much the consensus on these two. Nothing against either but that’s a bold statement by Esquire. The one guy in the article said he drove 3 hours to eat at shrimp box!

Not only did the guy bring two weary, smelly babies to the restaurant, he then “name-dropped” to cut in front of other people–and the restaurant let him do this.

Not someplace I’m going soon.


I go to The Shrimp Box maybe once very 5 years or so but only if an out-of-towner HAS to eat out on the water. Otherwise we eat on our deck. We used to end up at Squan Tavern when The Sprout was still in elementary school (she’s 24 now) as it is quite popular with the local crowd. I think the only time I’ve been there since was when the road to my house was flooded and I had to wait for the tide to go down.

@eleeper You’re not missing much.

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold