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Last time I was in the Una Pizza place in Atlantic Highlands … about a month ago for a fire alarm there, it was a disaster. So I don’t know. I do know that they split the space, Pizza in front, office/retail in the back with entrance from the back. And the back section go all the glorious old bank vaults…

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I have a pearl somewhere I got out of an oyster! I think it gets lodged in the flesh so shuckers wouldn’t see them typically. From what I was told a long time ago a pearl is basically a piece of rock or something that gets lodged in an oyster, and it secretes some shit on it that’s intended to kill harmful organisms… except it’s a rock so it just keeps growing on it. Kind of like plaque.


Let me dig deep into my sea creature talk I give to the kids when doing programs on Sandy Hook for BCC: “Fancy fish snot”.


ROFL … fish snot…

That’s much more eloquent. But I can see people using that term to describe oysters in general.


I’m probably more interested in this than most, as I have a direct connection.
Max Devros of Manasquan will be taking over the Remington’s space, and liquor license, right next door. According to the Coast Star, a Manasquan family will be taking over the old Devros location for a Mexican restaurant.


They are really anxious to get moving. I was surprised how quickly the paper went up on the windows. I’m looking forward to trying out both spots!

I don’t blame them. The quicker they can get up and running the better chance they’ll have to nab a chunk of the holiday catering business.


Ah, I didn’t think of that!



! and also !
( @joonjoon could kill this, btw)

Thanks for the heads up! I think I might actually try this. I wonder how many friends you get to bring to the dinner if you win.

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(more words)

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I was a caterer once.

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Is it me or does the atlantic house menu not look that appealing? I will go try it soon or later, but it is not really drawing me in

Jerry and Harvey’s Deli in Marlboro on Route 9 has closed. I will miss it. The sandwiches were just ok, but it was my local go to spot for hand sliced nova, sable, herring w/ onions in cream and whitefish.


Some speculation there are plans for a Trader Vics for Pond Rd shopping Ctr by Feb 20,2020
saw on Facebook community site…who know if true

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Do you mean Trader Joes? That would be great.

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Lol yes Trader Joes!

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