New Jersey Coronavirus/Covid19 Local Restaurant Specials

Let’s use this space to post any specials local restaurants are running during the pandemic. As we see or read about different curfews in towns, many local restaurants are being forced to do delivery or curb side pick up only, others are voluntarily closing etc.

Please post here any updates you see from restaurant in your area so we can keep track of what is going on and who / how we can can support local business’s during these trying times.

God bless us all and stay safe my friends.


From local130seafood via Instagram:

We have never been a group that hides from adversity in the face of it. We fight. Especially when it means a lot to our employees and Fishermen each that support us since we started this thing in 2014. It is no secret social distancing is here and will discontinue activities that center around being together in public and being out in the near term. We have a fleet of trucks, committed drivers, a Haccp approved and maintained facility and most importantly incredible local and sustainable products to offer customers across the great state of New Jersey!

So… Today we will be launching home fresh fish deliveries to folks across the state to support you home cooking needs. Our product list will grow as we dial this in.
Online ordering is up - super simple process - go here:

48 hour order fulfillment and delivery
Same day deliveries viable for Monmouth and Ocean counties.
We will keep fighting to provide new opportunities for our team, our fishermen and continue to strive to put the freshest seafood in consumers hands!! Also extremely important to us please please please keep supporting prepared food take out options for all your favorite spots.
We are here because we support the fishermen of this great nation and this great State. We will do everything in our power to keep fighting for men and women on the working waterfront and support our community in this time of need!

Also and most importantly our employees are being screened and use protective gear etc when handling and delivering food - door to door etc.


And I looooooooooove this, which was just posted by The G Spot:

During the school closings Greek Spot at Red Bank and ocean township offers a full meal to any kids in need.


Awesome, thanks for posting this. I’ll look to do an order next week.


According to FB’s “All about Matawan” page, The Burger Shop on Main near Rte 34 is also providing free lunches to kids: take-out only at this point, I presume, and people have suggested that people don’t abuse this by sending their kids every day if they don’t really need it. The same is true for any such business --taking more than you need is just another form of hoarding.

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One of our favorite restaurants in the Freehold area is Lemon. Last week they posted a $30 3-course pickup/delivery special. We were planning to order from them this week. They’re closed on Monday so we’re hoping the restrictions announced today will allow them to continue to operate as a pickup/delivery establishment for the time being.


When are we going to do a ho down here? I’m ready! I’d love to do a steak dinner there.


Love your optimism @corvette_johnny !!!

At this point I’m thinking mid to late summer…

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Link no longer works.

Houlihan’s is waiving food delivery fees. Dine in is closed.

We will all get through this and celebrate with some steak!


Depending on the timing of all this and the state of our bank account, if possible I will be boiling crawfish and send out an invite to everyone


Click where the pic should be :expressionless:


Park P!ace Diner in Aberdeen/Matawan is doing breakfast and lunch take-out, and is working on delivery. (according to their Facebook page)

Garigulio’s in Tinton Falls seems to have closed. I’m hoping /assuming temporarily.

Cuzzins in Marlboro on 79 is doing take out as well as selling bottles of wine to go at 20% discounts. (I believe that’s off food and booze)

they don’t list the NJ location on their website anymore- I seem to remember they did, maybe not?

will add BagelMasters lowered credit card minimum to $10 for curbside orders. Took full advantage today.

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The “All About Matawan” has a thread of businesses posting that they are doing take-out and/or delivery. I am not going to post them all here; go there for the latest info. (I will report on the “biggies” when I get info: Shanghai Bun, West Lake, and their Marlboro “cousins” Sichuan Cottage and Jin Li.)

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