New items you’ve purchased at the grocery store

I love the OG Babybel as a snack — ideally with a sizable radish to take alternating bites — so I had to grab these at Sam’s today. I don’t think I’ve tried any of the varieties in this selection.


I always get the red ones. Not because of the cheese, but because I like the red wrapper.

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Do you… keep the wrappers for an art project? I know my cat likes playing with them, but he doesn’t care much about their color :smile:

The red wrapper ones have cheese that tastes better than the yellow wrapper or blue wrapper cheese. Red is the right choice.

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Haven’t tried one on the cats. My cats seem to like those plastic rings that come on bottles of milk. I will report back as soon as I can get to the grocery and get some Baby Bels . Had my (postponed) first cataract surgery this am. Cats joined me in a lengthy post-surgical nap. Will Uber back and forth tomorrow for check-up, because neither of the nappers drive. Don’t know when I’ll be able to drive. … or see. Awaiting the Great Unveiling. I didn’t get a patch you could see through, and was admonished not to remove it. First order of business will be Baby Bels! For science!


Happily there’s a dark green one that is vegan cheese. Theyre pretty good ao I keep them in the fridge when aj find them.


You will be astonished by what you can see ( my mother was horrified at the dust in her house after hers!)

Hope you heal as well and with as good results as I did.

I did love the twilight nap when I got home. One of the best naps ever!


Gute Besserung!

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I tried the fig and balsamic Boursin,

and I don’t like it. I like the original, the basil chive , the shallot chive, the cracked black pepper, the chili pepper, and the cranberry varieties. This is the only Boursin I don’t like.

I like the cracked pepper and shallot chive Boursins better than the herb and garlic original Boursin.

I haven’t seen caramelized onion or rosemary & black garlic Boursin in Canada yet.

On the topic of colas, taking place over on WFD, I have enjoyed the Mole Cola, from Italy, that is sold at Eataly in Toronto. I get the Mole Cola in the glass bottle.

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LOVE the cracked black pepper and the original Boursin (although I now buy Presidenté garlic & herb cheese - better price and amount). But when I read “fig and balsamic Boursin” my brain said “NOPE” before I even read that you didn’t like it.


“Try it, you’ll like it” was engrained into me when I was a kid, so I try a lot of things. I’m a sucker for trying new flavours and limited time offers.:rofl:

We were required to at least try something if offered at the dinner table as well.

Liver and lima beans didn’t make the cut for me. :rofl:


I always picked out the Lima beans out of the California frozen mix.

I also could not tolerate liver as a kid. There was a fancy omelette place in the Bay Area in the mud 70s, which had a Popeye’s omelette as a special, featuring liver and spinach. My mom gave me a bite. My jaw dropped, and the liver fell right out of my mouth onto the plate. :rofl:

I don’t mind liver in pâté now. I like liverwurst, and Sarge’s Deli’s chopped liver (but not the chopped liver I’ve tried in Toronto, that went into the trash), and some applications of foie gras, but I’m not a fan of liver on its own.


Liver is a lifelong nope! With me. The smell alone nauseates me. And I wouldn’t eat my car’s oil filter, either. And so it goes …


Yesterday I found these, $6.99 for the prepackaged set of four.
A fungus pasta this weekend.


King oysters? They are half the price at your local Asian grocer, I bet. Love 'em!

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Unfortunately our Asian grocer doesn’t have fresh produce.

These patties are so good I made a separate thread for them :slight_smile:

Hoping to try the other blends available to me here in the boonz, namely The Katana Blend (American wagyu), The Prime, The Signature Blend (including the climate-friendly version, WTM :thinking:, and The Butcher’s Blend.

So far we’ve only tried the Butcher’s Blend, which had a nice beefy flavor and good texture.

Could you just see dipping your tzatziki triscuits into chocolate chipotle hummus? Now you can’t? You have actual taste and judgement?