New items you’ve purchased at the grocery store

Who else is a sucker for trying new products?

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:+1:. It’s a hobby.


Always up for an unfamiliar vegetable, fruit or fish. I think the latest in that department were Vitamin Greens (aka a kind of mizuna) and the recently-posted-about John Dory.

I keep trying to find new crackers, but nothing is as good as my beloved Triscuits (or the Woven Wheats knockoffs, when I can find them) and table waters. The last spontaneous snack purchase I made - I don’t snack much - was the Trader Joe’s version of Pringles, and they were awesome, and then I never saw them again. Sad face.


I will let you know, Original Triscuits are much better than the new Tzatziki Triscuits. I took that one for the team. :rofl:


That just sounds very wrong.


They basically tasted like Triscuits dusted with garlic and dill powder. A bit like the coating on sour cream and onion chips, but less tasty

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New-to-me products, from Sobey’s, national chain, in Canada

I like Spice Trader’s kits, esp the korma, Tikka masala and butter. They have a separate spice packet. First time trying this kit.


Not that you asked, but I will go on record here as someone who almost always prefers the unadorned version of things. No cool ranch Doritos, no salt & vinegar chips, no olive oil and rosemary crackers. I mean, I’ll eat them, I’m not crazy. But I don’t prefer them.


I try a lot of limited time edition items.

I usually like the unadorned or classic version better, but I still try the new flavours out.

I need dip for plain potato chips. I just don’t like plain potato chips enough to eat them straight. The bag will go stale. That said, I don’t eat that many chips or cheezies. Less than a bag a month.

Ya, I haven’t been a big fan of the olive oil & rosemary crackers and other flavoured crackers.

That said, I love Cheez-It’s, Cheese Nips, the flaky cheese crisps from the Netherlands/France/UK, Moon Cheese and Africa. I can’t keep those products around, because I’ll finish them all in 2 sittings.


I am, especially things I find at Grocery Outlet. Not everything turns out well. I just recently dumped two jars of Herdez salsas down the drain.


Have you tried these?

I 'm enjoying eating and using freeze dried fruits and veg. So many types now.

Tahini, the Soom brand has several new types.

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No. Do you recommend them?

If you enjoy, a thin, light and crispy cracker like I do.

Yes! Fruits, veggies, grains of all varieties, cheese, herbs, spices, pickles,…

Like Rooster, it’s a hobby.

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It’s why I love Home Goods and World Market. They always have food items I’ve not seen/tried before.


I have gotten very tired of ‘regular’ grocery shopping over the (many, many) years. I stopped browsing years ago because I too often wound up buying something out of frustration that wasn’t worth it.

I still love specialty grocery shopping but haven’t done any during the pandemic.

A silver lining to the pandemic - it pushed me toward trying grocery pick-up – now I’m back to browsing, online! I think the websites are deliberately set up that way to expose you to things beyond your usual purchases. Works for me. I’m trying new things more than I had been. A benefit is being able to add something to your list and consider it on several visits, rather than have to make a spur of the moment decision the first time you come across it or take a chance on never finding it again :smirk:

I still have hits and misses but it works for me.

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I can get very giddy inside an Indian sweet shop and grocer.
Mango lassi, ladoo, halwa, kheer, kulfi.


I really enjoy buying spices.
Burlap & Barrel
the past few years.


I like an austere cracker. And those look austere.