New Dishwasher

The old one died so we shopped for a new one. Through a series of coincidences, misunderstandings, store reductions, military discounts & rebates we got a Bosch for $50 more than the super cheap GE. This is one kick-ass dishwasher.


I used to have a Bosch and loved it. Only got to use it for 1 year then we bought a house and it’s been languishing in the shed ever since. Appliances of standard size don’t fit in the kitchen in my house. Replaced my dead Baukneckt last year with a Siemens. It came with the kitchen that was built at the same time as the house so it’s about 20 years old now.

For information, Bosch and Siemens are the same technology. Siemens allows more flexibility to integrate into your kitchen furniture, while Bosch has only standard sizes. My Siemens is 7 years old, it washes well.

We fitted all Bosch appliances when we had the kitchen remodelled around 10 years back. They’ve generally been reliable. We’ve just replaced the washing machine with another Bosch.

As for the dishwasher, it’s needed a couple of visits from Simon, the local repair guy - the last time, we’d managed to blow the circuit board somehow. Now, I reckon he’s a honest guy so we believed him when he said that the older models were actually better than the newer and it was therefore better to replace the board, even though it was an relatively expensive repair, than buy a new machine.

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We had a 2 year old frigidaire that went on the fritz. The next fix was replacing the mother board and the guy said it was expensive and not worth it for that dishwasher. We bought a Bosch. Only had it for a month or two but love it. And it is so quiet.

Well thank you Joebabbitt and the rest of my HO friends. (actually thank you on my wife’s behalf) We have been in thinking of replacing our dishwasher (GE I think?) which has sucked most of it’s life. She has insisted she wanted a Bosch, and I honestly didn’t believe her “research” which told her this was the best option. Especially based on their price point vs. other brands.

Yes what I’m saying is I do believe a bunch of random people’s opinion(s) on the internet over my own wife!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s a very dangerous stance to be taking. Very dangerous indeed.

People say to me “Harters, are you not master in your own household?” And I reply “Yes, indeed. But only when Hartess permits it”.


Make her happy Jr & buy the Bosch. You won’t regret it. In the ordinary course of events this week I didn’t have $600 for a Bosch. However for $312 minus another $30 in a mail in rebate how could I not buy it?

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Wife is always right, if you want a happy life!

Good luck, we like ours a lot!

Two things we notice:

The filter must be washed regularly but it is easy to do. Otherwise you can have bits of food flung about.

It doesn’t wash as well w/ ‘environmentally friendly’ soap. We’re ok with that. A couple of items might need to be wiped. We just wipe 'em.

Just in case anybody has come across error E24, the official Bosch/Siemens repair guy showed me that keeping the filter clean isn’t enough, he used a knife or any thin hard object to get rid of the tiny bits of food stuck in the evacuation opening of the machine. (There are many strange solutions to this problem online…)

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With all my German relatives and having lived in Stuttgart (Bosch is from there) we’ve had a lot of Bosch appliances in the past. In fact, I used to swear by them.

However we’ve found that the US model Bosch labeled clothes and dishwashers have become more Americanized as the years have gone on and the reliability and performance have gone down. They don’t make them in Germany for the US market anymore, they have a plant in North Carolina, and they aren’t the same.

We recently replaced a ten year old Whirlpool Gold dishwasher that was in the house when we moved in with another Whirlpool Gold. The Whirlpool is top rated with Consumer Reports, it’s quieter, it is more energy efficient, and on sale it cost several hundred dollars less, than the most basic Bosch model. And they all look the same these days.

If you do get a new model be prepared for a 3 hour normal wash. To improve energy efficiency and environmental impact they are using less water and cycling it longer to get things clean.

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That is the worst part of all the new dishwashers. It’s crazy how long they take.

Ya know I see a Bosch in your immediate future.

Buy anything else and you’re screwed.

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One slightly weird thing about this dishwasher - since the controls & display are on top of the door & hence under the counter, you can’t see them when it’s running. So - it shines a little red light on the floor so you know it’s on.

We have blue, green and red lights on the top bar.

It’s not a Pink Floyd laser show, but it’s getting there.

I’m another Bosch d/w fan, Jr. And get the third rack for silverware…love that! Also, be sure the top rack can be raised and lowered as needed.

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Well I joined the Bosch club! PC Richards had this on sale for $539 with free installation and removal / disposal of old unit!!

Time to dirty some dishes!!!


We’ve had ours for 6 months now & it’s by far the best dishwasher I’ve ever had. Welcome to the club Jr.

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