New cookbook added to my collection: "A Chinese Kitchen", Hawaii Cooks

A week or so ago a friend sent me an email about a cookbook of traditional recipes with an island twist called “A Chinese Kitchen”. I browsed thru it & found many recipes that sounded good so I ordered a copy. Including Priority Mail shipping, it came to $20! It arrived a couple of days later.

The book was put together by Lynette Lo Tom, published by Mutual Publishing LLC, 1215 Center Street, Suite 210, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816, Phone 808-732-1709, email:, website:

“It’s the fourth book in a series from Mutual Publishing & the Honolulu Star-Advertiser exploring Hawaii’s many ethnic cuisines. Basically no-nonsense, home-style recipes meant to be referred to again & again when you are cooking for your own family.”

Today I will be making “Tossed Foo Jook Salad”, a very refreshing way to eat dried bean curd skin (foo jook). Seems like a perfect dish for this hot day! A simple mix of soaked dried bean curd skin, cilantro, carrot, sesame oil, chili pepper & Chinese red vinegar. Yummy & pretty low carb I think.

What’s the Hawaiian variation on Chinese food? More use of tropical ingredients?