Need to replace automatic drip coffee maker

Any recommendations
I would prefer 14 cup capacity
but 12 would cut it
thermal carafe always a plus but not necessary
lastly I don’t want to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Thank you in advance

Hmmm. I love my wilfa - best coffee pot I have ever owned. Makes consistently great coffee. No thermal carafe and the pot only stays heated fo an hour so as not to burn the coffee. I have a good separate carafe that I heat with boiling waters and put the fresh coffee into,the heated carafe. It’s not cheap. But I figured I’d show you the option.
Sorry, this meets none of your requirements!! Ignore me!

I love my Technivorm Moccamaster, but it’s also not cheap. However, I’ve had mine for 10 years and it is still going strong, so it was well worth the $200 I paid for it. I think they are around $300 now. If/when mine eventually dies, I will probably replace it with a Bonavita, which uses the same technology but costs about half as much.

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I had a technivorm and loved it EXCEPT that little lever on the basket would slide shut and the water would overflow and I’d have coffee grounds and water all,over my kitchen counter.

I like my Bonavita. But the OP was looking for a 12-14 cup capacity. Bonavita only has 5 or 8 cup machines.

The review I read mentioned issues with the filter basket
and finding filters … do you have similar issues
I just asked DH if he could live with the 8 cup capacity
and I received a resounding no!
If I could convince him that dumping and refilling basket and brewing was swift
I have a slight chance of changing his mind
I really don’t want to spend 300 or 400 on this coffee maker because it is for
week day coffee making only and not our preferred method for making coffee… the Bonavita would have been perfect

Mine doesn’t have a sliding lever - maybe it’s a different model? Mine has a little spring loaded closure at the bottom of the basket that stays shut until you put the pot under it. The only way it can overflow is if you forget to put the pot under it (which I have done!).

I think Bonavita’s “cups” are larger than Technivorm’s. My Moccamaster makes 10 “cups,” but I think the capacity is just 40oz. The Bonavita 8-cup holds 44oz., according to the interwebz.

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Maybe they changed it. Made me nuts!!!

I have the 5 cup machine. It has “1 cup is 5 oz” printed on the water reservoir. And I find the 5 cup machine provides a generous 2 mugs of coffee.

TY … that will in no way work for us … bummer

I see - so their 8 cup machine should be 40oz, which is what my Technivorm is (even though it says “10 cups”). We get three mugs out of the Technivorm - one third of the pot is just enough to fill a 16 oz mug with sufficient room for half and half.

Yes, if I were to extrapolate, I’d think the 8 cup would provide 3 big mugs (those are 12 oz mugs). I haven’t had or heard of any filter issues, you do need to fold the crimped edges of the filter (which I read you’re supposed to with any machine, who knew?).

Working at Williams-Sonoma during the holiday season I heard great things about the Bonavitas, but I did see several returned because people found them to be smaller than they expected.

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I was typing my 3 mug guess at the same time you were!

I watched an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy’s new show and he has the copper Technivorm in his lab… it looks like it belongs there!

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Hi Chowdom,

I bought a Bonavita for my son’s family, and a Technivorm one cup for me, but, IMO, what you’d do best with is this:

Fourteen cups, programmable, less than $70.


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Thank you Ray
I don’t love auto drip to begin with, but the great reviews for the
Bonavita and the price point was promising.

Have you used one and if so how was the coffee?
It is less expensive then the machine I am replacing
and the one that came before it.
The 14 cups is a big plus though.

Hi chowdom,

I haven’t used it, but it has been broadly reviewed and widely sold. I’d expect it to be very similar to old standby’s like Mr. Coffee. I wouldn’t expect it to have the life expectancy of premium brands. If you go to the Amazon site, it is comped next to slightly more expensive, better known, and more highly rated Cuisinart and Braun models.


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I sent the link to DH, it works for him, 14 cups, amazon prime eligible item plus he has a coupon
he grumbled about cone filters and then asked which one of us was going to order it.

We have had 2 Cuisinart’s, and a comparable Hamilton beach which were ok. The Mr. coffee that we have now
was given to me by a neighbor who was in error sent two. The water goes through too fast and the result is horrible coffee.
I’ll report back
Thank you again for the suggestion
Thanks to everyone else who responded

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Hi biondanonima, I’ve had my TechniVorm KBTS (34 oz) for about 12 yrs now, and bought my daughter a Bonavita “5 cup” brewer about 1-1/2 yrs ago. While it does have one nice feature my TV doesn’t (fresh roast pause brewing), I can tell you that it’s definitely not at the same build quality! The two brewers also use quite different components in their design, with the TV being built to “commercial grade” and the BV being built only to “consumer grade.” (And Gwenn, I’ve never had my filter lever slide shut on me.)

WRT cup size, if I had known that BV’s cups were their own weird measurement, I would’ve bought the larger unit for her. The water reservoir on her unit says 0.8 liter, but five 5 oz cups are only 0.74 liter. (And shouldn’t their 8 cup unit be 40 oz by default?) Standard US “coffee cup” size is 6 oz, while standard Euro “coffee cup” size is 4.25 oz. Since BV is US-based, I expected their cups to be in US size.

LOL - you haven’ t lived till that thing overflows - grounds and water everywhere!!

Thank you for the recommendation drrayeye.
The DeLonghi works for DH. Although he misses the bold brew option on the Hamilton Beach it replaced, the 14 cup capacity of the DeLonghi appears to have taken the sting out. Of the DeLonghi, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach and Mr. coffee, I would with certainty say that the Hamilton Beach brewed the best tasting coffee when set to bold. Thank you to everyone who took the time to recommend their favorites. I am going to continue to use my Corningware Stovetop Percolator.

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