Name a Useless Cookware You Have

We often talking about what cookware we want and what cookware we like. How about the opposite?

What cookware do you have which you find it to be useless (either because it does not work, or you rarely need it)?

My dishwasher. I don’t ever use it. I wash everything with hands.

My grill pan . It doesn’t grill anything and is a pia to clean .


My electric coffee maker. 98% of the time it’s just me and I do a pour over or Aeropress. Tastes better too.

The Ultimate Chicken Roaster, purchased for $5 at a WS outlet sale. Used it once in the oven because it doesn’t fit in my grill with the cover on.

Is Aeropress really good? I need to read up how it compares to say a French Coffee Press.

My spice rack.

I bought a very pretty one that is hard to describe – looks like suspended test tubes – but I only use fresh herbs except for ground pepper. Still, it’s pretty!

This is easy…Garlic press,melon baller,Tagine {really cool looking but a pain to actually cook in}, brass cataplana {just like the tagine,nice to look at but leaked like crazy when I attempted to make pork with clams in it},bacon press {a brick wrapped in foil does double duty for bacon as well as butterflied chicken on the grill} silicone tipped cooking chopsticks, chicken shears,empanada press,deviled egg server{who am I kidding…they don’t hang around long enough to justify their own server} and last but by no means least…croshayed glass stemware panties {apparently a Filipino thing but we boast them in 2 sizes}

Garlic press? No? I love mine but too often I use more garlic than I care to press by hand.

I have a piece of sh*t home slicer that is truly useless. Very poor quality.

I also recently purchased two Teflon-ish pans, name escapes me, (yes they were cheap) a month old the handle is loose on one.

Plastic-ish cutting boards.

Food processor, I have one, 20+ years never used it. What do they do? Honestly explain.

Crock-Of-Shit Pot. You can keep all your slow cooker recipes etc. everything I put into that thing comes out tasting like crap.

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Ha ha ha. 20 years and never used it.

CK I swear on my kids, thousands of meals, parties etc etc never used it once.

I believe you which is why it is funny. Sometime it just seems like “What is the point?”

I think it is very similar in taste and intensity to French Press, especially if you use the “upside down” method. I have high cholesterol so I like to use something with a paper filter - I think the Aeropress and French Press have really similar results, except the Aeropress filters out some of the oils (which I admit probably have some taste) and is much easier to clean. It does only make one cup at a time, so if I want more I do a pour over.

I should either give mine to one of the kids or donate mine. I honestly don’t remember the last time I used it.

@Chemicalkinetics while I hand wash plenty of things every day, everyday glasses, dishes, flatware etc. go into the DW. I have SO many of SO many things that I never run out before the DW is full :slight_smile:

As do I…now if need massive amounts of peeled garlic the H Mart in Edison sells them quite reasonably and very fresh, saves me the effort.

Bron mandoline in fact this thread reminded me it existed. It is just easier to reach for a knife for small jobs or the cuisinart for big. Its cool looking but i just dont think to use it.

Yeah, I actually have THREE of them (two were gifts), and I’ve used one of them one time in about 15 years. Having to disassemble, wash, dry, reassemble, and put away the damn thing after I used it the first time was enough for me. Never again.

Are we talking about over a lifetime, or just since reaching a modicum of skill?

Over a longer span, my Most Useless would be dominated by Le Creuset, with Best Supporting roles played by well-intentioned but lame unitaskers–the plastic ones in particular.

I will continue to wrack my brain and winnow my cupboards for something like a Lifetime Underachievement award. As a placeholder, I submit the LC 15" skillet. That or the Salad Shooter…


Although the name “Salad Shooter” sounds very familiar, I had to google to remind myself what it is. Ha.

Number one on the list of totally lame things I’ve bought has to be a plastic pineapple slicer/corer. Unbelievably useless!