Name a Useless Cookware You Have

Want to sell it?

Well, the photo suggests it is very useful. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It actually kind of worked the first time, but the plastic blade probably got dull from that single use. The second time (of course, when I was showing it off to some friends), it was comically lame – more of a pineapple juicer than a slicer. :slight_smile:

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My wife :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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I hate to admit iI, but I have one of these pineapple auger-thingies. To my way of thinking, it exemplifies the shortcomings of plastic–It’s flimsy enough it feels like it will break, and its teeth are dull. Technically, it works, but you have to totally and constantly baby and adjust–it’s like screwing in a lightbulb with pliers. I suspect an all-steel version might not be a total waste.


You know my dislike of plastic, but I really like the Aeropress. I was given one, and tried my best to hate it, but damn, it makes great coffee.

It works best with a much finer grind than FP–you have to fine-tune the grind, but it’s just coarser than fine espresso. You know when you get it right when it takes 30 pounds of downward pressure to depress the “syringe”.

Also, because of the paper filter, there is no mud thrown with the AP. This has both good and bad ramifications, IMO.

A barista recently told me his fav method is to use BOTH–first the FP and then the AP. I tried that, and liked the result, but didn’t think the extra effort was worth it over the AP alone.


Another thing I like about the Aeropress is its portability. Any place you can make hot water becomes a place you can easily make a really good cup of coffee.

I heard there is no warranty/return policy for these cookware.

I have a nice Omega masticating juicer which became useless when I bought my Vitamix. I haven’t used it once in three years.

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I love my food processor, but it’s a pain to clean. It’s not dishwasher safe. So most times I do it by hand anyway. But it sure works great, on the rare occasion I used it. Oh, and I know most people love theirs, but my immersion blender. It’s actually hard for me to use so I end up using my blender anyway.

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I went to my friend’s house to share my recipe with his wife. I was doing a step-by-step demonstration and was thick Julienne cut a daikon radish with her knife, and she took out the her food processor to work on another daikon. I upped my knife speed to see if I can match the food processor. I have to say the food processor was indeed very fast. While I was able to kept up, I only barely did so. At that moment, I said to myself “Now, I see why so many people love their food processors” :open_mouth:

After we were done (in about 1 minute or 2), I saw her took more time to clean than to use it. Then I said to myself “Now, I see why so many other people don’t use their food processors” :grin:


I see. But you would say the Omega juicer (on its own merit) actually works fine, right? It is just that it isn’t quite as good as a Vitmax. Or was it that your Omega juicer failed your expectation, so you bought a different one (Vitmax)? Thanks.

For me it is about scale and desired result i like it for things like coldslaw but not to slice a few potatoes. It is definitely a contraption though i could live without it but use it just enough not to throw in a donation bin

My super-fancy German mandoline slicer, which has a thousand little parts for various cuts and slices, is a pain to clean, and takes up a silly amount of space in my cupboard.

My $5 Japanese ceramic-blade mandoline needs no assembly, never rusts, is a cinch to clean and use, and slices beautifully.

I keep waffling about buying a Le Creuset (or a copycat Lodge). They look so pretty, their fans worship them, and they seem like they could be very useful. But then I hear people call them useless…

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The return policy is cost prohibitive. :confused:

The Omega juicer works great. But it does take longer to use than a Vitamix, where you just throw everything in the pitcher and it works. And I think a Vitamix is healthier.

I actually got the Vitamix on a whim and it has ended up being one of my most-used appliances.

None of it is truly useless, but some of it is verrrrrrry lightly used: George Foreman grill (corporate gift from three jobs ago), apple peeler/corer, waffle iron, juicer, coffee maker (I switched to cold brew), mini-muffin tin, cookie cutters…I need to do some purging.

Hi, JTP:

Apropos of both the FP and mandoline discussions (I dislike the former and agree with you about the latter), since I acquired a large, vintage 3-blade kraut cutter, I rarely use either of those things for fine slicing in quantity. The kraut cutter is actually faster than the FP when you account for emptying the bowl, and it’s 3x faster than all my mandolines. Much sharper, too.


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