My new air fryer/toaster oven

Black Friday "Breville Smart Oven® Air Fryer Pro

Compared to our Jenn Air convection microwave

Compared to wall ovens.

Does our family of two-lately-four-to-five need this?


Hopefully more to come.

Air fried turkey tails/ “last part over the fence”/"parson’s nose IN THE HOUSE! ,:grin:


Real nice . I’ve wondered if air fryers are hard to clean.

One of the negatives of this one is you are not supposed to put the innards in a dishwasher, making it harder to clean. The other negative is the big foot print compared to a dedicated air fryer. But air fried turkey tails! Now if I could just find some!

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Not in the slightest. I have an Instant brand toaster oven/air fryer and the pans go right in the dishwasher.

I put a piece of foil on the bottom as recommended by the mfgr) so any odd drops just get thrown away when I change the foil.

We are 2-3 and use it far more often than the big item, as it toasts and bakes beautifully (and in about 2/3 of the time…so keep an eye on things). Even the chef in the house is impressed with its performance.

Added perk is that it doesn’t heat up the house…its supposed to be 82 (25C) here today


I just bought one too. My oven range died, and I decided to get this to use until I decide what to replace the range with. Most ranges I like will take months to get. This unit sure gets hot on the top. I only have about 3" of clearance under the cabinet rather than the required 6". Some people claim that putting the optional cutting board on top will prevent any damage to the cabinet. I guess it is true that if it does not burn a board right on top of it, it won’t likely damage the cabinet and having a board on top will act as a buffer.

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I use some 12"×12" glazed tiles.

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I’m sure I have some of those around somewhere, but don’t they get hot too?

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Maybe a cooling rack covered in foil? The gap between the oven top and the foil should mean that any radiated heat will be much reduced, and convecting hot air somewhat dissipated.

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Air fryer wings and thighs

A recipe.

The oven instructions said to use roasting pan for fatty food like chicken wings, but I used the air fry basket OVER roasting pan. Not quite done but I suspect it will end up messy.


Husband us making cookies.


Oh, they look so wonderful - very crispy wings. What kind of cookies @shrinkrap? Do enjoy!

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IDK: some store bought balls of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.

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Tile is a much better heat sink than a cookie sheet.
They get warm to the touch but not sear your skin hot :fire:
Plus you can keep stuff warm. :slight_smile:


That is a great point!

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I use a square ceramic plate on top my Flash Express. It is a great way to warm a plate and keep things warm while I assemble a meal.

The plate never gets too warm to touch, but note that I rarely/ever need to run it for more than 15-20 minutes.


Looks terrific. Preparing Fried ravioli was the fav around here initially. Lately panko crusted cauliflower steaks.
Enjoy the af!


We love our Breville but still wish there was a way to toast bread in less than 5 minutes. The oven size puts the heating elements so far away from the bread that it takes much longer than a regular toaster. Breville engineers take note please.


My “kids” are not “cleaning after each use” as described in "Care and cleaning ". Do you use a “cleanser” on the interior?

Under warnings the manual says " a non-abrasive liquid cleanser or mild spray solution may be used to avoid build up of stains" but also " do not use any type of cleanser or cleaning agent" .

“If I’m honest” ( Britbox!), it also says, both in the manual, and on the air fryer basket, to use the roasting pan, and not the air-fryer basket for fatty things like wings, “to prevent oil dripping”, but I used both. There was a fair bit of splatter that I want to clean before “build up”.

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I only use it as an air fryer occasionally so I’ve had little spatter build-up. I did use a very small amount of Barkeepers Friend on the plate across the front just at the door hinge, but any removable parts I just soak and use a scrubbing pad on. I also cover the removable tray with aluminum foil.

As an air fryer it’s not really good for frequent use I don’t think, unless you don’t mind the discoloration of the flat horizontal parts inside. Air fryers that close up like drums are not going to look dirty through a glass door because they don’t have one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love my Breville Smart Oven Air. I don’t use the air fryer nearly as much as the oven for baking save roasting, but I love not having another contraption.
The air frying basket shreds your sponge though. :unamused: Make sure to get a brush for cleaning.


I’ve been watching YouTube videos about washing it and I don’t wash anything.

Yesterday made my usual salmon and it broiled really nicely.