My new air fryer/toaster oven

It looks nice. How do you feel after using it a few times now?

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I like the way it works, but wish the clean up was less of a deterrent. Husband discourages me from using it for spattering things, but this was a bit of investment, both of money and counter space.

Interestingly I never seem to worry about how dirty my wall oven is including the glass front. Well not never.

I just got a package with bammy and salt fish from the in-laws and found a recipe for air fried bammy.

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My Insta oven gets used several times a day…from morning toast,to cooking breaded chicken or fish at lunch, to meatloaf and chicken quarters in the evening.

It’s a trooper, my chef buddy is well impressed with its performance, and a quick wipe keeps the glass clean.

I’ll make the suggestion that it might bother you more than the big oven because it’s closer to eye level…

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I finally got around to making cookies in mine. They turned out just as good if not better than my old oven. Evenly browned. I like that I can use the fryer basket turned over as a cooling rack. One less thing to find in my cluttered cabinet.

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The only caveat I would offer is that it bakes very fast…in about 2/3 of the time it takes in the big oven (which is also convection but not as powerful)

The ability to make 6 cookies at a time means that there are only 6 to eat…lol


I have boneless skinless chicken breasts. Husband says this is what I asked for, and he thought I had lost my mind, but he bought them any.

I’m trying the air fryer, and I’ve narrowed it down to something like one of these. The first two are breaded, one with a mayo “marinade”, the other with a flour- egg wash-panko thing. Leaning toward the mayo.

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One recipe says 165 F. Still using my thermopen .

Haven’t mastered my new thermometers.

After resting. Not so bad for boneless skinless chicken breasts but it’s not Popeyes.


I also have a new air fryer, a built-in mode of my new GE stove. I tested it with varying degrees of success.

Excellent results:
Bone-in, skin on chicken thighs. I wanted to avoid batter drip, so I just patted them with a little EVOO, dredged them in a - 60/40 mix of flour and cornstarch, with lots of salt and adobo spice mix from a local shop. Ten minutes in the fryer, turn around the pan, and let it go another 15 minutes until the instant read showed 160F. It was probably the best homemade chicken I’ve made, very juicy, tender, crispy crust.

  • TJ’s tater tots

Very good results:

  • the McCain frozen fries that people raved about elsewhere.
  • meatballs of beef and pork, a little overcooked.

Still needs adjustment:

  • Sort-of Cantonese style salt-and-pepper calamari. Dusted with cornstarch and a little rice flour, with lots of salt and pepper. The rice flour didn’t really work–it got too crunchy, and there was no browning at all after 5 minutes. “Sort-of Cantonese”, because I didn’t have any jalapenos to add, and it didn’t have the flavor from sesame seed or peanut oil. I’ll try spritzing them with the oil next time.

I’m liking this new toy!


Is having a whole stove being an air fryer worthwhile? Is it just remarketing of a convection mode? Is it as messy? My current stove has a convection and convection broil mode.

I’ve shied away from the Breville because of the cleaning issue. My current round/basket based one is a snap to clean.

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It looks just like any other modern stove, except there’s an extra button for “air fry”.

I think the only difference from convection is that there is more forced hot air in air fry mode. I didn’t explicitly look for air fry in the new stove, but it’s nice to have around now.

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Uh … The Breveille Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is on sale at Amazon at the moment for $320.

Just sayin’…

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I’m about to take delivery on an over-the range combo hood/microwave/convection oven (because the old one lasted exactly 4 years …) and the new convection oven features an “air fryer”. GE. Except … as you suspect … the “air fryer” part is just a higher speed for the convection fan.users are unimpressed .I have the Breville oven mentioned above, and a tiny (2 qt) insta pot vortex air fryer which I use the heck out of. An air fryer essentially is a tricked out mini convection oven, but it’s got different settings lol.


I’m having to adjust recipes written for bucket air fryers. The oven AF mode needs to be a little hotter, and takes a little longer. For McCain french fries, the package says 390F for eight minutes, and I bump it to 400F for 11 minutes. A sausage I air fried last night browned up nicely after 10 minutes on one side, 5 on the other. I’m satisfied with it as it is, and I have no counterspace for more appliances.

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We bit and bought the Breville Air Fryer Pro. We’ve had it two days, and I’ve made toast twice - lol. Still studying on how to use the rest of it. I’ve been a fan of the Breville Smart Oven for years, having had access to one at my last place of work. This is certainly an upgrade from that, and I think we’ll get a lot of use out of a counter-top convection oven.

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Glad you can adjust it!:+1:t2:

I saw this in my morning news…

Air fryer brand recalls over 300,000 units for potential ‘burn hazard’

Source:Air Fryer Recall

Personally, I have a different brand.

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The recall appears to be for the " PowerXL DUAF-10 and DUAF-005 Vortex Dual-Basket Air Fryers"

I got the newer, bigger one because I wanted the increased space. … I’d used my older, smaller one for 13 years - I rehomed it. I love my Breville. I rarely use my range oven. It functions as a storage depot for all my roasting pans.

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LOL, my grandmother used to call them Bishop’s Nose. Since we’re Jewish, I had no idea what a Bishop was, or why anyone’s nose would look look anything remotely like a turkey’s tail. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Simple Green! I use a 50/50 dilution to clean the burned-on oils on the interior of my coffee roaster, and undiluted as an oven cleaner. (If stuff’s really burned-on you may have to let it soak for 10-20 minutes.) If I can’t remove the parts to rinse them under running water, I’ll wipe them down 3 times with a “clear water” rinsed sponge. I clean the coffee roaster after 6 uses, and the oven once every few years. Also works great inside the microwave. :sponge: :star2:

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I have the cheaper Hamilton Beach; but it is so perfect for people who empty nest most of the time, or a single. So convenient and so much cheaper in terms of power and time. Mine can fit a 10 lb ham, tray of enchiladas, etc. Bought my mom one, and she was less than enthusiastic, until she started using it. She lives in AZ and keeps it on her patio, so when the heat gets hot she can cook (bake) out there. I find these on Craigslist all the time.