More Than Gourmet Classic French Demi-Glace vs Glace de Viande Gold Reduced Brown Stock,

My husband likes gravy with lean red meat. I have Better Than Bouillon but I’m also trying this product I bought on Amazon.

Here’s Beef brown gravy from broth., which suggests adding garlic and onion powder. I’m guessing these might not already in “broth”, and I’m wondering if they are in demi glace or glace de viande.I have no experience with Demi-Glace or Glace de Viande Gold Reduced Brown Stock in real life .

[The spruce eats glace de viande recipe]
I’m just trying to make passable meatballs with brown gravy. With no actual mushrooms but I think I can get away with mushroom powder, maggi, Worcestershire, etc. So far, just adding water and Wondra isn’t passable.

Any suggestions?

Came out fine.

Not as dark as I wanted.

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I’ve tried those demi-glace products before when I came upon them in a food store many years ago. They are super tasty, IMO. Used to use them for a sauce for Japanese style hamburg steak. William Sonoma used to have a mushroom-based demi-glace sauce in a jar that was also very good, but that was a good 10 years ago. No idea if that product is still available.

I’ve never bothered with taking the time to make my own demi-glace, since I’m picky with what I want sauce on (usually I don’t want rich sauces). If I’m cooking lean red meat, I usually make a chimichurri sauce. Actually I try to make a chimichurri sauce with just about any red meat – I think it’s a match made in heaven. It brightens the flavor and adds some moisture without being drippy and overly saucey).

I agree with you on the choice of chimichurri with red meat. In my house I always have to point out what is sauce and what is gravy. Husband likes to use a LOT of whatever it is.

Is it fair to say that Classic French Demi-Glace and Glace de Viande Gold Reduced Brown Stock, are highly reduced beef and /or veal stock with no other seasoning, maybe not even salt?

I don’t recall them being super salty, so you may be right. Certainly nothing like the jars of Better Than Bouillon, if you’re used to that. The tastes are far more complex and quite nice.

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@shrinkrap - scanned the linked Demi & glacé de viande recipes; any of those, including BTB, will give you more flavor, though not with the complexity of the real deal. Know there are some good, but $$ premade ones out there too. If you want to go all in, and make some, would recommend this source. Long story about the book, but much arm twisting and nonstop persuasion led me to invest in it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Am not suggesting this project during summer or early fall in your area. I intend to half the recipe, since it requires a 40 qt stock pan. Will then freeze & have on hand for quick kitchen alchemy.