More Chowhound Shenanigans


Just so you know…I haven’t had to. OOOPS!!! Spoke to soon. Just checked and had to log in.


I went and changed the damn password; noodled around a bit, but didn’t find anything of interest. Even the most recentTop Chef threads died after only 3 episodes, I believe - with maybe a finale thread. Unless they just kept chatting on the Ep 3 thread.

Then I logged out. Their changeover a year and a half ago did it for me.

And Traffic rankings doesn’t seem to be looking that good…although I’m sure Georges would say that’s not the real traffic ranking - yeah, yeah - that’s called “Alternative Facts”, Georges.


From - monthly traffic is down 37%:

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Wow interesting stuff. A little more research and this turned up…


you have too much time on your hands :wink:


@NotJrvedivici, you forgot something!

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They seem to have fixed the login bug - I logged in once today, and it seems to remember me when I close the browser now.


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Funny, I didn’t feel like changing my password since it’s simple and I’m really not concerned about my account getting hacked. I just put in my old password as my new one, and it’s worked so far.


Now LindaWhit, you know damn well that most of the Top Chef traffic there was because of your wonderful recaps. After you stopped doing them - well, you know.


Awww, thanks! I did go back and read the Boston finale thread. Jeebus Christmas - I was detailed, wasn’t I? LOL

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Hahahahaha I’m such an A@@hole. I just realized I got our own URL wrong!! We are Hungryonion.ORG, not .COM. LOL I might be clever but I sure as hell ain’t bright.


But we still wubs you. :heart_eyes:


No log on now. :thinking:


I just got censored on Site Feedback for mentioning a food site that is not CH. Seems that board gets more stuff taken down than any other. Anyway, I’ll be taking a break from that place. I don’t need the aggravation.

Ideas for the Cooking board (COTM/ DOTM, etc.)?
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North Korea of food web sites.

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Just joined last week and heartened to find, in this thread, so many names I recognize and, of course, whose opinions I trust and value.

How far the mighty have fallen…adieu, Chowhound, you had a good run.

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Welcome, Monch!!!


So did you all know it’s the twentieth anniversary of Chowhound?

And I am the only one lame and gauche enough to reply so far. Sigh. Meaning even Leff doesn’t look at Site Feedback.

I DO stand by my picks. Hooch and Mooch, and the hot dog water thread.


I never even log on to CH anymore . But the biggest thread that I remember was " Is a hot dog a sandwich ?"

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I can’t remember the last time I visited CH–probably not since they suspended me for mentioning HO. But my favorites were LindWhit’s Top Chef recaps and the April 1 Banana Board.