More Chowhound Shenanigans


Nah. Chowhound insists on keeping Site Talk behind an unmarked door. This is the result.

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Am I missing something (which is most probable) or has that 20th Anniversary Post been on Chow since July the 1st and you are the only comment? Is that correct? WTF?


I am not getting why this is posted under “Chowhound Shenanigans” ?

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(it’s really only their 19th anniversary!!! shhhhhhhhh)


That was the “jumped the shark” thread


No it was actually posted by knuckle sandwich. March 1st 2014. 558 replies. Is a hotdog a sandwich.


No it was the “this thread has jumped the shark, I’m out of here” thread that made me think time to move on which is what I was saying. Not the name of the tread


I’ll give you that. I’m so glad I’m done with chowhound.:confounded:


Yes. Like I said I was expecting little reaction, but not ZERO reaction. Despite all the bullshit that does make me sad.


As small_h has said, Chowhound makes it next to impossible to find the Site Feedback board. It’s been buried since the torrent of negative feedback they got when most people left, presumably to keep negative comments far from view. It’s curious that the anniversary post was put on that board… unless it was posted in multiple places. I don’t do enough there to know.


If you type “Site Talk” into the large search bar at the top of any page it’s the first result that appears in tags results. However the content is the same “my iPhone doesn’t work my kindle doesn’t work my comment is not listed first I can’t find my post from 1968” whining that it has always been, by many of the same dyspeptic posters. Some things haven’t changed.


I agree on the Hooch & Mooch thread. The “Guest bringing ribs to a party where the Host is making ribs” and its follow-up thread were two more.

@gaffk - thanks on the TC recaps. I went back and read a few of them a few weeks ago - reading them is WAY better than writing them “a la minute”! LOL And the Banana Board! Was disappointing that they took that down.

But the site is well past its prime. Leaving when I was banned after commenting negatively too many times on the horrible rejiggering of the site was a good thing. For me.

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Wait - YOU were banned?

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Hell yeah she was banned and word has it she has 2 strikes against her here!! Don’t let that playful avi or sweet demeanor she normally exhibits here fool you, that @LindaWhit was trained by the KGB and could get you to give up your grandmothers oatmeal raisin cookie recipe with just a stern look. If you ever are invited to her home for lunch, don’t expect her to offer to hang your coat up, her closets are too full of skeletons!! (literally!!!)


Linda being banned was the last straw for me. The thought of them banning Linda of all people still boggles the mind. It clearly spelled out that tptb were more interested in being “right” than being interested in preserving community. The whole thing prompted me to do some searching which led me to Hungry Onion.


I think everybody here has been banned from chowhound.


Not me. Still visit, still post. Because it’s still useful to me, as is this site and Food Talk Central.


You can get to the feedback immediately with this URL:

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Believe it or not, I have not been banned. I rarely post anything anymore, unless someone asks a direct question to one of my posts I’ll still respond. No new content and I only check the site on occasions like this one where someone here has linked to a Chow page for whatever reason.


I’m not at all sure why two ifbyou nowvthink that I WANT to find the feedback board any faster. I know where to find it but I’ve been using the sight for maybe 10 years. My point is that they have intentionally separated Feedback from the main topic structure, likely so that it’s not something users will come across unless they go looking for it and are fairly knowledgeable.