More Chowhound Shenanigans


Had to face this bit of silliness, this morning.

I almost didn’t update my password. I was tempted to use it as an excuse to stop going altogether, but i guess I’m just too bored to give up one of my oldest time wasters.


I see a lot of pushback on that thread, and I don’t understand it at all. How hard is it to change a password? It takes more time to whine about having to change it than it does to change it.


Don’t ask people to be rational. That’s not how life works.

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Complaining about EVERYTHING became the fashionable thing to over there a long time ago. You could be choking and Chow gives you the heimlich to save your life, then you sue them for the dry cleaning to remove your own vomit from your shirt. That’s the philosophy of most over there anymore.

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Actually, it took me a bit as the site was having problems!!!

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I had no trouble. But I know there was a problem early on. Still, people aren’t complaining about what happened when they tried to change their password. They’re complaining that they’re being asked to change it at all. And I bet some of them are the ones who keep telling you to make your own mayonnaise because “it’s so easy!”


And over here too, apparently. Or this thread wouldn’t exist.

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This isn’t complaining, it’s sharing !!!


CH is the only site of this type I visit that makes me log in about once a week or so. Maybe this new password thing will fix that.


I stand corrected. Share on, NotJr, share on.

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Pull up a seat and I’ll “share” about my mother in law!!

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I hoped that too, but now I have to log in every single time I visit. They’re saying it’s something about my settings or cookies, but I haven’t changed anything since yesterday. I don’t mind a bit changing my password (though it’s not like they have any of my private or financial info to protect).


Mine was a real life Endora, minus the magic or any semblance of humanity.


I hope they compensate you for the free advertising
and I hope you provide us equal time at CH


I had to set a new password today but whatever I did didn’t work. Now I can’t log in at all and the ‘forgot password’ function takes me to an error page that says they’re “working on it”. Could be a sign!!


I registered on CH with a long forgotten email address. Makes my decision easy.


So I was able to log in with a new password on my PC and it works on my iPhone too. I guess I either caught or dodged a bullet.

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And apparently you have to log in every time you go to the site now.


I just logged in over there and created my new password. Worked instantly. Apparently I logged in after the big “rush” (that’s a joke, son).