Misen vs Mercer knives

I just bought a Misen for my chef pal (early Christmas present, and don’t worry, I’ll make him give me money) to replace the one he uses at work that was “borrowed” this summer.

He even let me use it… I really love how light it is and it holds a great edge. (No, Im not the borrower)

Most of my batterie are Wusthof, with a few Berghoff because i live not too far from their headquarters/outlet…but my next one might be a Misen

Not even close to an equivalency. We don’t have concentration camps in USA, and we don’t weld citizens into their homes to enforce quarantines.


Hmm…you have 2.5 million people in prison, and call your concentration camps “detention centers”; cops randomly kill civilians (especially black civilians), corrupt judges, civil asset forfeiture, totalitarian surveillance, imprisoned govt whistleblowers, a censored press, etc.

So yes, very similar.


Not at all.

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Have a nice day.

Well lets add in iraq and afghanistan and now the numbers are a little different. Then how we treat trans folk and lgbtqia is dreadful. Some poor in the us live in 3rd world conditions. 50 minority majority cities and towns do not have drinkable water in their taps. Our maternal death rate is behind costa Rica’s. And black mothers are 4 times more likely to die.

So yeah, perfect here.

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No one, least of all me, said USA is perfect. But we are a real democracy, have a non-farcical rule of law, some social safety net, and no widespread state-sponsored persecution. Many other countries do, too.

Comparing USA to China, Russia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Cuba, Myanmar and all the other bad actors? That dog won’t hunt.


So the fact that the last two GQP presidents did not win majorities is


No. Corporations play an outsized role here in influence, but they don’t vote.

You don’t know me, friend. Just as I don’t know you well enough to accuse you of hating USA. Despite our many and serious problems, we have a better system overall than any other in the world. Just my opinion.

What countries do you buy from?

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That you may freely post this ungrateful criticism publicly, even if in an effort to improve our imperfect and fractured society, without fear of retribution is perhaps the strongest evidence against your own argument.

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While i am painfully aware that the world is fraught with problems, i come here for some respite.

I’m not taking a side…just asking you to please take this up on a different venue.