Microgreens...what say you?

Hi all! I just found out about a local company who is growing microgreens (organic). Theyve offered to bring me a sample to try, so I’m wondering how y’all use microgreens? What are your favorites?

I’m open to all responses…

I’d like to be offered a sample!

Not so many here where I live. I like mustard, garden cress, broccoli, turnip. Use them as finishing greens. Sprinkle on just before eating and avoid cooking them as the heat destroys their health-benefiting nutrients.

Just remember, we also have micro corn and asparagus.

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Mustard and cress are the only ones generally available in UK supermarkets - and a vital part of any egg mayo sandwich I may make. Others are pretty much grown only for the restaurant trade.

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Garnish for sandwiches made with mayo based salads (tuna, egg). Addition to green salad. Folded into an omelet.

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I actually really love microgreens, but they are ridiculously expensive. I tend to love them as a topping either on a sushi/crudo like dish, or on top of a rice or noodle bowl of sorts. If I need to use them up, I even make mini-salads out of them. They are so tender, and often more pungent greens are milder as a ‘microgreen’ so I love getting a variety of that gives you a blend of flavors.

PS. If they are willing to send me free samples, I will gladly accept. :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Microgreens- What Say You?”

Very little. :wink:


It’s become a micro discussion, then.


My favourites are micro leeks, mustards and radish. Beetroots are so pretty.

I sometimes buy them in supermarket, they are expensive. I grow them also using the seed spouter.


Usually used them in salads, or sprinkled on cooked meat as a finishing touch.

A few years ago, I remember an outbreak of some sort of toxic problem with the English Thompson and Morgan seeds, resulting the T and M products vanished from the shelves of the gardening stores here.


So I ended up with peas and arugula, and because Im just 20 minutes from the “farm”, theyre crisp and tasty and fresh. There was quite a clamor in the office to taste them, much to my surprise.

They’re quite reasonably priced, so Ill be trying them this week and planning an order for next week.


Koppert Kress from Ámsterdam is the largest exporter of organic field greens in The Mediterranean.

Their salad greens (cresses, sorrel and uncountable others) are quite lovely.

I’m assuming you mean the company grows its products in a Meditteranean country as, of course, Amsterdam is nowhere near the Med. Do you know where by any chance? My guess would be southern Spain which grows many products for export to Northern Europe (and presumably elsewhere), in the “plasticultura” areas of Andalucia.

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In asia, i see a lot of NL tomatoes on sale in supermarket, probably produced by hydroponic method. Most of the microgreens doesn’t need soil and can be done with interior UV LED light.

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Interesting. They are ecological growers.

There is a Branch of the company in Italy, France and Spain as well The Netherlands.
Koppert Kress Italy
Koppert Kress France
Koppert Kress Spain

Nice weekend wishes.

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Microgreen growing kit. Reusable setup with a variety of seed quilts you sprout.


3 days later seeds are starting to push against paper topping that is removed 4 days from now and continues to grow for a week uncovered.

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Hee! And an extra bug!

I should get starting again with my indoor box! My seeds are a bit old now, I will do some trial tests.

I have some outdoor micro greens now (soon macro greens). Lettuce, rockets …


My buddy the stink bug, Ha! He came along for a brief ride. Such an interesting creature.

Day 9


Enjoy! Sprinkle on eggs, salad, potato salad, stuffed into sandwiches etc.