Microgreens...what say you?


Hi all! I just found out about a local company who is growing microgreens (organic). Theyve offered to bring me a sample to try, so I’m wondering how y’all use microgreens? What are your favorites?

I’m open to all responses…



I’d like to be offered a sample!


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Not so many here where I live. I like mustard, garden cress, broccoli, turnip. Use them as finishing greens. Sprinkle on just before eating and avoid cooking them as the heat destroys their health-benefiting nutrients.

Just remember, we also have micro corn and asparagus.


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Mustard and cress are the only ones generally available in UK supermarkets - and a vital part of any egg mayo sandwich I may make. Others are pretty much grown only for the restaurant trade.


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Garnish for sandwiches made with mayo based salads (tuna, egg). Addition to green salad. Folded into an omelet.



I actually really love microgreens, but they are ridiculously expensive. I tend to love them as a topping either on a sushi/crudo like dish, or on top of a rice or noodle bowl of sorts. If I need to use them up, I even make mini-salads out of them. They are so tender, and often more pungent greens are milder as a ‘microgreen’ so I love getting a variety of that gives you a blend of flavors.

PS. If they are willing to send me free samples, I will gladly accept. :stuck_out_tongue:



“Microgreens- What Say You?”

Very little. :wink:


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It’s become a micro discussion, then.

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My favourites are micro leeks, mustards and radish. Beetroots are so pretty.

I sometimes buy them in supermarket, they are expensive. I grow them also using the seed spouter.


Usually used them in salads, or sprinkled on cooked meat as a finishing touch.

A few years ago, I remember an outbreak of some sort of toxic problem with the English Thompson and Morgan seeds, resulting the T and M products vanished from the shelves of the gardening stores here.

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So I ended up with peas and arugula, and because Im just 20 minutes from the “farm”, theyre crisp and tasty and fresh. There was quite a clamor in the office to taste them, much to my surprise.

They’re quite reasonably priced, so Ill be trying them this week and planning an order for next week.