Mexican Food in Monmouth County

(Joon) #43

You’re probably talking about La Sierra El Comedor. It’s a really funny shop, it’s a restaurant…but they have all sorts of other weird stuff too.

Tacos are standard price for our area - 2 bucks. Not significantly better or worse than the other Mexican places. They do however have a bunch of hot plates of food you won’t see anywhere else which is pretty interesting. It’s like a buffet tray of different Mexican stews. I keep wanting to try them out but I’m usually just looking to get a quick taco or a sandwich or something.

They also have rotisserie chicken, but I rarely get that. I think the rotisserie at Oaxaqueno in Long Branch is a little better, not by any meaningful amount though.

(Joon) #44

The empanada was more of a large corn tortilla folded and filled with a tomatoey stew of chicken gizzards with epazote.

Whoa, I can’t wait to try this!!


I KNEW you’d know where it was!!


The tacos were better than some we’ve had because the tortillas were better than in many places. They don’t have tongue tacos which are my favorite but have a few others I’ve never heard of and didn’t speak Spanish well enough to understand what they were. I guess II’ll have to google them before I go again.

We usually head to Super Pollo in Brick for rotisserie chicken.

I think you’d like the mollejo.

(Joon) #47

If Super Pollo was closer I’d eat there constantly. Man their chicken is so good.

I’m surprised they don’t have lengua, I coulda sworn they did. I did get tripas last time I went, it was slightly underseasoned but they got it super crispy which was great. Give me a heads up if you head back, I’m right around the corner and so is @CurlzNJ. :slight_smile:


I need to get down to brick and try this chicken.

Joon have you ever had the rotisserie birds at linos? They come out a little dry sometimes but man, I love that hickory smoke. For 7.50 that 1/2 bird dish is nice and comes with rice/beans and some fried potato that isn’t great, but it gets the job done with some hot sauce or salsa. Definitely a good plate of food for the money.


Super Pollo is one of the few benefits of being south of AP.

I specifically asked about lengua as it is definitely one of my favorites. It wasn’t on the list of tacos but there were enough hand written signs with other menu items that I thought I may have missed it. I think the best lengua overall is the Chilaquiles de Lengua from the Bradley Cafe.

I’m sure we’ll be back to La Sierra El Comedor in the not too distant future.

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We like Azteca on Route 71 in Belmar, a little hole-in-the-wall BYOB, which also offers takeout. Our favorites include the chicken chimichangas, the spicy pork sopes, and the freshly made guacamole at Azteca.

You might also try Cielito Lindo on Main Street in Belmar. Azteca is slightly better, IMHO, but Ceilito Lindo is also very good.

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You really should go back hungry and try one of the combo plates, something with pork chops (chuletas) or steak (bisteca).


I always get tacos too. I had one of the steak plates and it was pretty decent. I might try the pork chops soon, but it is hard to beat those al pastor tacos.

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Ceej, it’s Taco Tuesday at Lino’s Mexican Cafe. 4 for $ 6:

PS: Red Salsa is a little zippy.

PPS: You may need a coupon to get the deal.


:joy: :joy::joy: (pardon my French)

HT: Barrio Costero

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #55

Good to see they don’t stint on the cilantro!


Love me some linos tacos!

FYI they have 2 dollar tacos on Thursdays at rorys pub in sea bright along with 3 dollar tequila shots. I haven’t had them but I drove by and that was on the sign out front today.

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How bout fish tacos Ceej, Baja style. Know any good ones?

And please don’t say Surf (Burf) Tacos.

I like wahoo in my tacos, but shark will do in a pinch.


I really don’t eat many fish tacos in nj. Years ago my favorite ones were at copper canyon but I haven’t had them in a long time and I don’t even know if they are on the menu today. I just eat steak there every time I go.

I saw fish tacos on the menu at

And yes, surftaco is just a waste of real estate. I can’t get how a place could put out such bland food. Then again, look at subway.


Barrio Costero in Asbury Park has tasty fish tacos (using fish from Local 130 Seafood)… It’ll certainly cost you more than $2 each, but they do Taco Tuesday specials. Iirc it’s two tacos and a margarita for $12. Last time I had them believe they were Mahi.


They are not at all true Baja style and not in Monmouth county, but Amendment 21 in Pt Pleasant Beach has some tasty garlic shrimp and blackened fish tacos. They have a very good beer menu as well.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #61

Wewere at Lino’s yesterday and thought about the tacos, but the Parilla Mexicana is just too tempting to pass up!

(Joon) #62

I’m a big fan of Surf’s namesake fish tacos, though the rest of their menu sucks. It’s been great every time.