Mexican Food in Monmouth County

Just read this Eater article about Mexican Food in NJ.
While they mention Red Bank, they don’t list a single restaurant. I’ve been to Juanitos and Carlos O’conner, but I have to believe with the large Mexican population there, there have to be some local’s favorites with amazing food. Anyone have suggestions?

Red Bank is home to North of the Border. It’s a small place by the train station - mostly takeout (although I’ve heard rumblings about adding tables/moving). Start there.

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Check out Lino’s which specializes in bbq meats. IMO, their al pastor tacos are the best in the area. The North of the Border rec is also an excellent choice.

Lino’s - Thank you. I’ve been trying to remember the name of that place. An excellent rec for the OP.

+1 on both North of the Border and Lino’s

But … Lino’s does not have the best Al Pastor in Red Bank. That distinction belongs to a barely noticeable joint called International Mexican Grocery located on Shrewsbury Ave in between Monmouth and Oakland streets. They also make several different sauces with my nod going to the yellow and the orange ones.

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I’ve been to at least 10 different authentic Mexican joints in our area (between Bradley beach, Asbury, Long Branch, Red Bank, Keyport) and I can honestly say…I’ve never been to one place that I thought was truly better than the rest. Is it just me?

Lino’s does the best barbecue of all the places (perhaps the only barbecue). They also get points for offering roasted cactus as a side order!

Wow bringing this one back from the old school huh? :smile: maybe we can get it going again.

To my knowledge, linos is the only Mexican place that cooks over wood around here. They cook the ribs and chicken over hickory. Their half bird meal for 7.50 is a great value in my eyes. The white meat is usually a little dry but still good.

A few places in LB use charcoal but they are Portuguese (port chop, rodeio grill, lb bbq, sabor)

Has anyone heard from equal mark and tapas?

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Additional pluses for Lino’s: they have diet soda, and you can park right in front of their restaurant. Most authentic Mexican restaurants do not have diet soda (the closest is bottled water, I’m cheap enough that I hate paying for water, and no, you can’t always get tap water. And while I love the food at North of the Border, the parking situation is the pits. The closest seems to be across the tracks across the side street from Senor Pepper, and in bad/cold/hot weather that is less than ideal.

They have those glass coca cola bottles from Mexico made with cane sugar too.

I want to try the tacos right on the corner near chowdah house. Has anyone been there?

Do you mean Senor Peppers? Not expensive, but kind of averageish food, and not my favorite.

If I get a hankering it’s usually IMG or Long Branch for me.

La Esquina del taco…across from the old little kraut

wow I want to give those chicharrón tacos a try

Nope. I’m going to check it out and will report back.

This place and fernandes 3 I have been trying to get to for years LOL

No love for LaTapatia and their mole?

Here you go.

@joonjoon if you had to pick a single taco, what would it be?

I’m not a taco connoisseur but I’ve been around lb and rb quite a bit. My top choice is the chorizo at linos. 4 tacos with a good grind and ample spice make this a nice 7.50 dish

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Not in Monmouth but just outside of it in Jamesburg/Monroe
Marias’ Taqueria…
Good stuff, Fresh Flavorful…owners are always there, very conscientious

Just one? Hmmm

I have to go with the al pastor from International Mexican Grocery smothered in yellow salsa.

What goes into yellow salsa?