McDonald: Fresh Beef

No you pay per visit. Order in the parking lot, they charge your card, and you get a code in your phone. So it is a credit card transaction.

Joon, I thought the artisan sandwiches were excluded? I will have to try one next time the dollar deal loads back up

So the app has a mobile pay option, and certain coupons require mobile pay, such as the 1$ sandwich deal. With mobile pay deals, everything is done within the app and you just show up to pick up your food. But you don’t pre-load money, each transaction goes through as a separate CC purchase.

The “regular” coupons allow you to just scan a code at the register.


Does anyone remember the arch deluxe? I actually liked that burger. Has anyone tried its cousin yet?

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I do remember the old Arch Dexlure!!! I remember begging my friend to drive me out to get the Arch Deluxe (I think…) and I remember liking it, but not loving it.

That bacon “circle” was kind of cool lol.

Has mcd ever done any pork roll items? I know they do some regional stuff like lobster rolls.

I watched the Founder last night. The story of Ray Kroc. It was on Netflix. All I can say he was a very shrewd businessman.

I like that movie. It is good. To this day, McDonald Inc main business model is not revolving the burgers or the fries. This is different than other fast food places.

And it wasn’t the burgers that made the money. It was owning the land that McDonald’s sat on and he would lease that to the franchisees.



So the app loaded up a new dollar sandwich. The grand big Mac is gone :confused: the regular is there.

@joonjoon. Did you or anyone else notice? I’m guessing tons of people used that on the grand big Mac and they removed it, or mcd doesn’t like me lol

I actually got a grand mac yesterday with my coupon! Maybe it got changed? I want to say I’ve gotten an artisan chicken with the coupon before but I’m not positive.

When I ordered yesterday I saw that the double filet o fish is included too, might be worth trying. Can’t beat a double fof for a buck.

Hmmm…I have no clue. The grand big Mac definitely wasn’t on there. I ended up with a quarter pounder. I havent had one in probably 5 years. It was good and I got it “microwaved” fresh with extra pickles lol. For a buck I can’t complain.

Man if you want some some fish we should get some kind of spring ho down going. We catch winter flounder and they go from the river directly to the knife. They are harvested live and go into oil minutes after they are caught. No ice…no sitting around for 2 weeks and no preservatives…no milky white garbage. Clean, clear, sweet tasting fillets and the best tasting flounder you can get. They are brought in flopping and in the pan instantly. Serious AF. Literally we catch them and walk 50 yards to the house to fry them. It’s legit!


Since you are my de-facto Mc Donald’s expert I have a question for you; Have you ever actually ordered and received a Mc Gangbang? We all know this is a favorite Mc’Donalds folk lore here on the interwebs, however my son has tried to order this on several occasions and has been shot down each time. Can you confirm the existence of this Sasquashian sandwich?

I don’t think you’re supposed to order a McGangBang. AFAIK it’s something people order and assemble themselves. I mean what human with a reasonable functioning brain hasn’t bought a bunch of cheap shit from a fast food joint and decided to put it all together in one sandwich? :smile::smile:

If your son is into things like McGangbangs and McOrgys (hey I don’t judge what a man puts in his mouth in his private space), he will definitely be interested in the most absurdly sexy of all special menu sandwiches, the Arby’s Meat Mountain:

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Apparently there’s a whole snopes article on it.


lol see!! When he first told me about it I called BS, but then he brought up enough online article about it I began to believe. lol Like I said though, after about a half dozen attempts with me (God knows how many times on his own) he has yet to receive the mystical beast.

The Arby’s Meat Mountain, is that something you can order and they prepare or is that a DIY sandwich too?

I must say, I reloaded this app after reading this thread, but I got nothin’ like you guys. I have an any Sandwich for a $1 coupon and a buy 1 fish, get one free.
And most of our McD’s don’t seem to have the online ordering/ pay feature installed which seems necessary to realize these bargains.
I’m in a wait and see mode. Downloaded the Taco Bell and JITB apps just because.
No Arby’s for me, BTW. Processed roast beef and I don’t get along.

Meat Mountain is an official secret menu item so you can order it yourself!


That’s the coupon. I think they must have progressively reduced the choices to minimize losses. Word of mouth of how great the deals were had done their job. First time, the any sandwich for $1 included a double quarter pounder. Next time it was gone. Sounds like they just took away the Grand Mac also.

EDIT to add: Oh yeah, the first rendition of the coupon was “Any Sandwich Free with $1 purchase” . I got a Double Quarter Pounder, add another 1/4 lb patty, add 6 slices of bacon, add 3 slices of cheese. I basically maxed out all the add ons. The sandwich came out to $12 or so. Then when I checked out, it only charged me for my $1 drink. Win!

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Yeah they have to be getting hammered on this deal. Last night I went and the grand big mac is definitely gone here in NJ from the 1.00 coupon selection. I was suprised to see the regular big mac. They definitely culled their offerings. For a buck you still can’t beat a 1.00 regular big Mac either. I wonder how long they will do this. They have collected a ton of data by now. You would be amazed at how much data they will crunch from a simple app special lIke this.