McCann's vs. Bob's Red Mill

We’ve been buying McCann’s Instant Oatmeal at Trader Joe’s for years but I’ve recently seen info on Bob’s Red Mill Quick-Cook rolled oats. Just wondering if anyone’s really familiar with both and can compare and contrast. Both are rolled oats but are they that similar?

The Bob’s is distinctly flavorless. I bought a case for our home-made granola and it was a total flop. Really thin and tiny flakes, rolled to a thinness you wouldn’t think was possible. So the oatmeal looses texture almost immediately. We had the same experience when we made a pot of oatmeal. It just turned to mush, and did I mention it didn’t have much flavor?

I have not eaten the McCann’s so I can not compare the two.

That’s just because it’s instant.
All instant oats suffer from the above issues. Granola needs rolled oats aka old fashioned oats

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Are you familiar with McCann’s? I can’t compare, because I’ve never had Bob’s, but it doesn’t seem to meet the description above. Decent oat taste I think, and it does seem to have good texture.

Actually, I used the old-fashioned. The instant is even thinner.

Weird. I’ve bought Bob’s old fashioned for years and been very happy with it

With mc cann’s the texture is different since they’re steel cut oats, so although both are oats they’re not quite the same… i have bought the regular (not instant) mc cann’s and really loved it. Between the two i give mc cann’s the edge over bob’s to eat as a bowl of hot cereal. I use bob’s for granola (sweet or savory- i’m kind of obsessed with savory granola lately) and cooking in veggie burger patties or whatever but not as hot cereal
If that’s at all helpful…!

Google search> sounds like the steaming process in rolled oats likely gives then a softer end texture. I’m sticking with McCann’s. .

Yeah if you’re eating mc cann’s as hot cereal for breakfast then any brand regular oats will be really different

Thought this was settled but then I did a deeper dive and found Bob’s STEEL-CUT Quick-cooking oats. So not rolled. Any thoughts?

The problem seems to be they’re not sold in my area at retail.

Ooooh! Well if you’re looking to swap brands or it’s a lot cheaper than what you’re buying now totally try it! I haven’t seen this in stores or tried it but would be more comparable since it’s also steel cut.

I was just taken by the folksy, authentic-looking marketing of Bob’s and wondered what it was like. No real reason to switch other than curiosity.

I like shopping their products because it’s high quality and an employee owned company with a reputation for treating employees well- unfortunately so many huge corporations engage in shady business practices and i find it reassuring they have not sold out to one of them


Exactly why I wanted to be a convert! Well-said.

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Costco has that in 4 pound bags.

Thanks. The Bobs site didn’t list Costco in my area… maybe in deference to other retailers?? I’ve not noticed it at the one infrequent. I just bought a 4x22oz pack on Amazon to try it out. Twice the price but if I like it I will check other Costcos.

You can always check Google Express if they tell you if they will deliver Bob’s oatmeal via Costco to your house. If they do, then your local Costco has it.

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that. We have 5 Costcos within 10 mines, so it could be at one and not all.

I wish my local Costco carried that. Several of our local supermarkets carry a wide selection of their products. I mix the nine grain, seven grain … with the organic steel cut oats and always throw oat bran in at the last minute, because it’s oat bran that removes plaque it adds texture as well. I prefer Bob’s to McCann’s.

Miles… not mines. :roll_eyes:

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