Mayo: love it or hate it?

I thought a paneer wrap at an Indian snack shop sounded like a good idea, but I could swear the dressing on it is mayonnaise rather than anything yogurt based as I would have expected. Why? WHY???

But I’m hungry so I’m trying to choke it down with the help of hot sauce.

I’m not a mayo fan and try to avoid it as much as possible. You?

Love it .


I hate, detest and loathe the stuff. But I must be in the minority. Last week I took mom on a scenic train ride/mother’s day tea and every single sandwich had mayo (fortunately, mom’s a mayo lover).

While I like yogurt on its own, as you’d describe I’d prefer mayo.

Love it – homemade, Duke’s, flavored with herbs, spices, garlic; as part of salad dressing… a must on my cheeseburger and other sandwiches… so many options :heart_eyes:


Really? :scream: I don’t know if we can be friends.

I can take a little mayo on a BLT, but that’s about it. Something about the mayo sliminess and slight sweetness on not very hot rice … (sandwich was naan with rice, matar paneer, lettuce and condiments). I didn’t finish it. Can’t take mayo in sushi rolls either.

Ooh, I don’t think I’d like it on either rice or sushi rolls. Shiver. Okay, so we can stay friends ?

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I love mayo, except when they give you those little packs of Hellman’s. They always taste stale.


Yes…As someone stated somewhere on another thread…It is its own food group in my world.
There are very few foods I would not eat with mayo however if there was mayo on
the “no mayo” foods I would most definitely be sickened!!!
EDIT to add what you are currently eating with mayo would surely make me ill.

Love love love mayo but I don’t know if it has any place on a paneer wrap. What else was in the wrap? Just paneer in a tortilla? I can see where that would be dry, but mayo? Probably not. I’d rather raita and/or cilantro chutney on that.

ETA: Just saw your post stating it was matar paneer. I’m not a fan of peas so those would turn me off faster than the mayo would, but even so, I don’t think mayo belongs on that sandwich!

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I can’t find a link to it but if anyone has Andrea Nguyen’s Banh Mi Handbook there’s a cilantro mayo that I’ve used as a dip it’s so good.

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Love it as long as its homemade (no canola, soybean or vegetable oil!) and does not have sugar in it.

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Love it. Not on everything but I lick the spoon


I love it but wouldn’t want it with the dish you ordered.


Hate it. When I used to have tuna fish sandwiches, I experimented a lot with alternatives. Salsa and shrimp cocktail sauce are not bad.


What’s your oil of choice for homemade mayo?

Love it!

I totally lick the spoon. My husband finds this habit absolutely revolting, even though he likes mayo well enough.

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Hate it and do not use it at all.

The partner also hates it but will eat it only with chips/fries. Btw, the mayo served with fries here are a different kind of mayo.

Love it! I had a mayo and jerk sauce sandwich for lunch today, nothing else on it.

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