Mayo: love it or hate it?


potato salad, fries, toasted tomato sanny, egg & tuna salads… nothing without mayo!

Love it. Just made some over the weekend.

I can’t understand what’s not to like (it shouldn’t be on everything but it’s tastey) everyone I know who doesn’t like it likes all the ingredients - so why not like it when they are mixed together? (Rhetorical really).

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I usually use 2/3 a lighter tasting olive oil and 1/3 coconut oil (gives it some body when chilled.) occasionally avocado oil but the taste can be pretty string.

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I’ve never been a big lover of mayonnaise, particularly on hot food like hamburgers but I did develop a real liking for it in limited doses. But - then most brands started to taste like frikkin’ Miracle Whip, with a weird sugary taste. I’m so fed up with The Sweetening of stuff I’d swear did not use to be sweet, at all. Like mayo. Trader Joes Organic is the only one I know of without any sweetener in it. Bah, I blame The Reduced Fat Forces.


Most brands I checked had no sugar or sweetener unless it was low fat

I just checked Best Foods (Hellmann’s where you live) and while it had sugar it was the seventh ingredient. Negligible IMO.

I’m middle of the road. A must for “salad” sandwiches. Pasta salads with Mayo make me gag. If making a sandwich, with some sort of deli meat at home, I probably wouldn’t reach for Mayo. I’m Ok with using it in dips.

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I’m a Dukes fan and one of my favorite things when tomatoes are good is a tomato sandwich with mayo. The acidity in the tomato cuts through the richness of the mayo perfectly


You ARE a Southerner :smile: My favorite came in 7th from the taste test . And the winner is …

Wow, I’m shocked that Kraft was their winner. I really dislike their mayo. I grew up with Hellman’s and that’s what tastes “right” to me, although I like Duke’s well enough as well (and Best Foods, but it’s the same as Hellman’s to my palate).

I would have thought so, too. But one day I thought my husband had accidentally put his low-fat mayo in my tuna and it turned out to be my usual Best. Trader Joe’s Organic tastes “right.”

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Love it!

I like it.

Do you have time for a story?

When I was in elementary school about {BEEP} years ago, I bought a ham and cheese, (and mayo) sandwich from the cafeteria for lunch. About twenty minutes later I was sick as a dog. I’m sure you know what I mean.

For literally twenty years afterward I couldn’t eat mayo if it was slathered on a sandwich, although I had no problem with it in my tuna or potato salads. Then one day, all was right with the world again. No idea what changed except I got older.

Nowadays, I’m a Duke’s man. I am still trying to find a retail copy of the extra rich restaurant mayo that I love from so many places. I’ve tried all of the usual commercial brands as well as Kewpie, and some gourmet mayos from specialty shops. Still haven’t found it the exact match. I asked a manager at Kenny & Ziggy’s in Houston what makes their potato salad so special and he assured me it was the mayo, but that you can only get it from Sysco in multi-gallon tubs.

If anyone has any idea what I’m talking about and can point me to a more household friendly quantity, I will praise you on this very board.

Let’s eat!

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“Do you have time for a story?”

Not right now can you tell me later? Thanks!

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The acid in mayo makes it not a usual suspect.

Good point. But it was his association. I only learned on CH that commercial mayo is safe. All this time we thought it was the mayo in potato salad rather than the potatoes itself. Or something we ate several days before.



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Generally, dislike mayo and try to avoid it. I do make an occasional exception for Kewpie brand on certain foods that I just associate with a little kewpie taste (e.g., Japanese croquettes). Unless, I’m eating tuna or lobster salad, I usually prefer my sandwich dry, or just with mustard.

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Heavy-Duty Mayo. It’s a thing (and a delicious one!), but to my knowledge it really is only available in enormous quantities.

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