Malted milk powder, uses beyond milkshakes

OKay, so I am going through the pantry and freezer trying to share the wealth of ingredients we have around here. Sending family home with goodies to use in their own kitchens. Lord knows, we can’t use it all. But, I came across some malted milk powder in the freezer. Must have used it for ice cream.

Any recommendations to use up the bag?


Starting here. I adore butterscotch flavors.


I’d try adding it to pancake batter. Could be interesting mixed with the custard for bread pudding. Oh! How about mixed with banana pudding?


I like the way you think!

Dorie Greenspan’s coffee malteds:

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Ok, winner! I’m giving my Aunt the bag and a print of this recipe. Those cookies would be amazing with coffee. Thank you!

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it’s good on almost anything with milk in it, even cold cereal.

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While reading about diff types the biggest objection was clumps. Milk especially required fasting stirring or a blender to use in liquid form for beverages, cereal. Not impossible to fix but I was hoping to use the powder as an ingredient. Like the cookies shared above.

We’ve found making a quick paste with malted milk powder and a teaspoon or two of milk, then mixing in the rest of the milk to work well, and to be not too time consuming. Another strategy that seems to work is sprinkling in the powder slowly through a tea strainer (essentially sieving) as you whisk the milk in a bowl.

Having said that, a small clump or two of malted milk is just an additional clump or two of joy.

Good to know😉

It’s used in a number of cookie recipes, i know i’ve seen recipes using it in choco chip cookies

I added it to brownie mix and was disappointed - imperceptible

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I use it in hot chocolate.

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My Aunt made these cookies this morning. I knew when I opened her holiday tin and got a whiff I was going to really enjoy them. Boy did I. A perfect coffee cookie.

Thxs again


So glad you enjoyed! I have yet to try the recipe myself, but I always trust Dorie’s recipes.

Make more ice cream? The recipe in David Lebovitz’s The Perfect Scoop is delicious, although you might want to wind back the sweetness if I’m remembering correctly.

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Just a quick reference to this chewy, delicious cookie that comes together very quickly and goes really well with coffee.

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I’m dealing with clumps now, in the sense that the jar of malt powder has solidified. I’m finding that a hammer and chisel (actually a screwdriver) work well to break off lumps, and a blender turns them back to powder, but honestly, should I have to feel like a coal miner to use it? :grinning: (Oh, I’m putting it in hot chocolate.)


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Maybe a refrigerated soak in milk or water would get it soft enough to dissolve with a blender?