Making gouda or edam cheese

…in a hotel room!

We went to a cheese making class during a visit in Zuidschermer to a Dutch dairy farm called Zeilzicht.

The instructions are a little confusing, but it seems to be a dry brine for three days. We were given sheets of paper to re-wrap daily for three days, perhaps because we were traveling.

I’m thinking the label says cows milk and maybe raw, in addition to numbers to “our” chesses.

This one uses a brine to make Gouda.

There was a lot of draining the first day, much less today.

Does anyone have experience with anything like this? Should it be left open, or covered.


Cheese Science Toolkit-Salting

Oh for crying out loud . Living the dream . Making cheese. At a Dutch dairy farm . What’s the Dutch word for beautiful ?


This is so beyond awesome.

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beautiful is

beautiful, nice, pretty, fine, handsome, fair


beautiful, fine, handsome, sightly

clean, beautiful, fair, fine, pure, handsome

And it is!

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So envious here. never made either style, but I’ve made cheese. I always cover mine with cheese cloth.


What we made, mostly rubbing with salt over two weeks, then keeping at fourty degrees F for two sweeks.
Two weeks at forty might be the ninetenth day.
What we made, at about four weeks

What we bought

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“This Cheese is for turning”- Rennet and Rind

I want a cheese cave!

Too much information. I think I will cut the cheese shortly. I believe that will
be three weeks.

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Nice cheese!
You’re a motivator. I have some kashkaval starter that I got months ago. It’s getting used this weekend.

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I’m trying to figure out the pros and cons of a rind.

Cheese Forum-Aging Gouda

Cheese Forum-This article is to record the artisan and modern methods of making washed curd type cheeses such as Gouda & Edam

“After pressing they are brine-salted to halt acidification and then historically aged unwaxed”

" Waxing

After a minimum 25 days of ripening, historically a wax coating (yellow or white for Gouda, red or black for Edam) was applied to Gouda-type cheese to protect the cheese during transport against microbial growth and weight loss due to moisture evaporation."


After reading all day, I decided to cut one!

I’m quite pleased with myself!

Very nice! Bravo!

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It’s fascinating! It tastes like a “young” Gouda, and made a great grilled cheese sandwich.

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That looks really good!

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