Mail order smoked salmon

I have a friend who really loves smoked salmon. I would like to get some as a birthday present. I am not a salmon lover, so I have no idea about good, better, best. I’d need some suggestions. The birthday is in June, so I’m planning ahead!

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Not knowing where you are in the world, is there any point me recommending a UK supplier?

Ah, very true! That’s a critical piece of information that I left out. I’m in the USA.

Where do they live or have lived? For instance if they are in Seattle, they have access to some of the best, in Brooklyn still a smokehouse or two still operating, etc… I do know Acme Fish in Brooklyn has online ordering.

He’s NJ, and just recently learned to enjoy smoked salmon. So I don’t think he’s tasted it anywhere except from the supermarket offerings.
From Astoria, Oregon.
Hot and cold smoked
Pacific salmon and other delights.

I don’t think Acme does shipping, but there are stores in NJ that stock their products.

Russ & Daughters and Zabar’s definitely have mail order.

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I’ve tasted Russ & Daughters product on a trip to America. It’s excellent.

Back in the day, a contributor on Chowhound prepared a food based walking tour of that part of NYC. We’d hoped to visit the shop but we’d picked a day when it was closed for a religious holiday. Can’t recall the person’s name but, if you’re visiting the city, I’d recommend searching Chowhound to find the tour.

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With the caveat that I have not ever mail-ordered smoked salmon, I would guess a NJ-based friend might enjoy recieving a gift from Russ & Daughters as mentioned on this thread. I have sampled a few types of R&D’s smoked fish served at a friends’ house. Delicious.

Browne Trading has also been mentioned here. They’re a respected purveyor in Maine and provide packaged smoked fish to some high-end places (I can’t recall names off the top of my head). I have visited the Browne Trading store in Portland (Maine) and they know their seafood stuff.

I think you mean @RGR. She cruises by here occasionally - maybe she’ll hear us talking and chime in.

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Take a look at Zabar’s, Barney Greengrass, Sable’s, and Murray’s in addition to R&D. delivers R&D and Sable’s, the others deliver directly I believe.

It can get expensive because they use overnight delivery on on ice - you might try calling to ask if they supply a store closer to your friend (Acme must, possibly one of the others too), in which case you can order from there via local delivery.

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I think you’re right. It was really well put together, so that you got a feel for the whole area,as well as getting the various eats. As I recall, she ended the walk at the “tenement museum”, which was fascinating in itself.

I live in the neighborhood myself and have for 15ish years, so I can probably provide a decent amount of information. There’s a lot of new stuff!

I highly recommend Sam’s Butcher shop a small artisanal smoker who ships overnight. He smokes an awesome Faroe Islands salmon that I use for penne pasta with capers and onions. It’s also great on a bagel with cream cheese.

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That looks hot-smoked vs. the others cold-smoked (great that it’s made to order).


Yes, it’s hot smoked on cherry wood and delicious. Mrs. P doesn’t like salmon but loves this. It’s nice and smoky.


Is hot smoked always flaky? That’s how I’ve encountered it, but tbh I don’t have a lot of data points

I like cooked salmon, but for apps and bagels I prefer the silky texture of cold smoked to hot.

I discovered through trial & error that wild alaskan, which is what I usually buy for cooking, is not the texture I like when cured/cold smoked - not enough fat.


I second Josephsons. I think I have only had the cold smoked but I am sure they would do hot just as well.

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Sam’s hot smoked salmon is flaky like regular salmon. I don’t know if others are. The flaky kind goes better with a pasta dish.