Magimix Food Processors

Does anyone have any experience with or opinions about Magimix food processors? My current somewhat expensive cheap piece of caca has died an ignominious death at the hands of Benjy the Brainless knocking the lid to the floor and damaging the bowl and lid beyond repair. I hate the thing so I am looking to make a leap.

12 or 14 cups would work.


Benjy the Brainless {his formal name is Benjamin Barker.} Not the best sous chef in the kitchen, but he lacks opposable claws. However, what he lacks in oposability, he makes up in impressive toe beans.


You can’t replace bowl and lid? If Benjy breaks the Magimix bowl or lid that’s gonna be even more spendy…

We have a Magimix in the family and it’s a lovely machine. But I’m the only one who uses it, and I live 3000 miles away from it, so… I should probably just check a bag and bring it back with me one of these days.

(But I have my eye on the Braun, if I’m going to make space for something. Meanwhile, I have a cheapie which I use not very often, but works fine for what I pull it out for – grating, slicing, shredding large quantities)

The unit is poorly designed and executed. And replacing bowls and lids adds up. And I am using Benjy’s help to spoil myself.


I’ve had the magi mix for 5 or so years. I have been happy with it, no problems. It is a well made strong machine.

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We have had three FPs, an original Cuisinart, a made in Japan Cuisinart when the original died of unfortunate breakage, and a Magimix when it became too hard to find parts for the MIJ. All three have been excellent, but the original and the Magimix felt stronger and more solid. I love everything about the Magimix.

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Which do you have? I am looking at 4200 or 5200.

It’s 3200 xl. Didn’t know I chose the lowest model🤣. It’s fine for my uses, most pie dough.
As long as it doesn’t break or die I’m happy with it.

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Magimix is solid.

I don’t own or use one, but they are made by Robot-Coupe, who make restaurant-grade mixers, processors, and appliances, which I have used and still use.

If the Magimix is anywhere as sturdy and robust as the Robot-Coupe restaurant line of kitchenware, then you should be good to go with a Magimix Food Processor.

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It feels more like a Robot Coupe than a current Cuisinart does.

My current cuisinart replaced a cheaper hamilton beach. It feels cheaper than the hamilton beach.

I have a Magimix le mini plus (not sure about the exact name!). Very sturdy machine. Here in Europe Magimix is probably the best selling food processor.

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I have a Magimix 5100, 10 years old, used every day without any problem… Just had to upgrade it last week to 5200X because the lid was cracked and the part does not exist anymore… The upgrade “kit” consists of 3 new bowls in different sizes, 2 paddles and 2 slicing disks and costs 100€00 (about the same un USD). The new bowl is bigger, and the lid has a much wider “mouth” that allows feeding large items. Quite happy so far with the upgrade, time will tell. The great strength of Magimix is the durability of the motor :o)


I’ve had the 4200XL for at least 10 years now and have been very happy with it. I think I have all the extra discs available but pretty much only use the thin slicing and large grating discs. The only thing I would change is you use the mid-sized bowl, rather than the full size one, with all the discs so I sometimes have to empty the bowl more often than I’d prefer.

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Hamilton Beach is an often overlooked brand. There are a lot of very old Hamilton Beach blenders out there still going strong after decades of daiquiris.

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The old stuff is very good indeed. Current… not so much. But i was better served by my cheapo HB than its replacement for 4 times the cost.

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Sorry for the new one. It is sad that Cuisinart started out as a truly exceptional French machine, soon followed by a Japanese version that was much more home cook friendly and a pretty solid machine, to a name brand with tons of glitz, features, and variety but a motor and build not worthy of its predecessor, especially the original. If the small Robot Coupe were just less expensive, that would be my choice. Magimix is a close second.

If you saw the glare on Kay’s face when I told her the MM was $400 you would know why I cannot even look at an RC on a website for health preservation reasons. Here glance askance was even scarier than when I tell the kitties “No more greenies, you have already had 4 each!”

Just look at these vicious killers! I am convinced by remains will be found covered in cat fur!


I have the 14 cup 4200XL, bought to replace a Cuisinart for which I could no longer source a replacement bowl at a reasonable price. I like it a lot, and I’m sure the motor will outlive me, but the bowls feel a bit flimsy in comparison to the old Cuisinart. I also preferred the slicing blades on the Cuisinart - they cleaned up much more easily. The Magimix slicing blades have some tiny nooks and crannies where vegetable fibers tend to get stuck. Having to switch to the smaller bowl to use the slicing blade is also kind of annoying. They advertise it as three-sizes-in-one, but really it’s a 14 cup chopper, a 12 cup slicer/grater and a mini chopper.

Still a good machine despite the above. However, I kept my old Cuisinart base and blades in the hope that someone will start making a bowl replacement again so I can revive the OG!

I inherited my family’s original Cuisinart and it was a gem. But eventually, the motor died as we had used it in the restaurant for almost 10 years and it was probably 50 years old when it gave out! I still had all the original elements.

Since then, it about 7 years I have gone thru one Cuisinart that lasted 5 years at the restaurant and died days before we closed. Motor dead. Then the Hamilton Beach which just ran slower and slower. it lasted 18 months. and now this wickedly bad one that lasted less than 2 years. The bowl was misaligned and now is barely functional before Benjy entered it in the cats doing experiments-in-gravity competition!

As old as I am, the Magimix needn’t last 50 years to be the last one I ever buy.