Made in India Cookbook Review

Hi Everyone,

So my husband isn’t good at figuring what I want gift wise.

I do drop subtle hints the problem is that he has that “selective male hearing” issue.
The Doctor says that he’s not a candidate for hearing aids.

So I’m turning to my HO family for help.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.


I cooked a decent number of recipes from this when it was a (very popular and successful) Chowhound COTM, and have used it since, and it is both very approachable and shelf-worthy. Once again, I’m going to also recommend the very helpful EYB recipe notes, of which there are well over 400.


It drives me crazy when someone asks a question and get a totally off track answer but here I am doing just that. I didn’t want to leave your post unanswered though because I may have an alternative if you’re interested and decide to look for an alternative to Fresh India.

I don’t have Fresh India but it sounded great. I did, however, do quite a bit of cooking through the book Made In India. Here are my three “keepers” from that experience. There were other good ones but these we make often.
Good luck - cookbooks are so personal, it’s just hard to have someone recommend a winner for my large family. I have to play around with one for a while myself.

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