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Can you share your thought opinion about the Made In? Do you like them? Not like them?

What I found from everybody wiki is:
Made In is a direct-to-consumer kitchenware company, founded by Bradford Malt and Jake Kalick and in partnership with Top Chef, Tom Colicchio. They are based out of Austin, Texas.
They currently source the raw materials for their pots and pans from Kentucky and Pennsylvania, the non-stick surfaces come from Illinois, and are finally manufactured in Tennessee. Their Knives are made in France.

Seems like some people here like this brand.

Certainly appears well made. I’ve pondered a purchase for a while. Just NEI. Gotta consider retirement SS as the daughter ages. My son will be all induction, I can tell.

Looking at the 12 inch saute, and giving my (best deal) Crofton to her.

I have a 2 quart wide, shallow saucepan from them. They don’t offer that configuration anymore. That was the shape I was looking for; other than that, it works on my induction range. I have no need to buy more …

Do you know if there is a like… philosophy / lifestyle behind Made In cookware? Like Oxo cookware where cookware should be more comfortable for users…etc.

I think their business model was to offer quality products direct-to-consumers. When I bought my saucepan, I think they were still fairly new and small, and I got a lot of communication from their customer care people.

I did order their pasta bowls; I like them, but of course you don’t cook in them. I can’t think of anything bad to say about the company, I just don’t need anything else from them … or anyone. :joy:

They’ve really expanded their offerings since I got my saucepan. Then, they only offered 5 ply stainless. No carbon steel, no copper, no knives, no tableware, no accessories.

I don’t think anything is MIC.


I have this 12 inch carbon steel pan that I’ve been quite happy with, but I picked it up free off of Craigslist so maybe I’m less critical of it. Seems really well made and comfortable to use. Even came with a tin of their $25 pan seasoning blend!

Yeah. I noticed that. They are not entirely made in USA, but certainly seems to be not made in lower wager country like China.

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Look nice. Is it pretty thick? it claims to be 2mm thick on their website. Not as thick as the DeBuyer Mineral line (2.5-3.0mm), but thicker than DeBuyer LA LYONNAISE Blue Carbon line (1.0 mm).

Actually it is 12.5", says Made in France on the bottom. I don’t see that size on their website anymore. Infinitely lighter than my 12" cast iron.

The only other carbon steel pan I own is a DeBuyer crepe pan that is 2.5 mm, and it seems pretty close to that, maybe a tad thinner, so 2mm sounds right.

That’s why I’m eyeing it, lighter. The 12" CI is losing its importance, save for fried chicken. Corn bread is the reason I can’t say goodbye.

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I actually still prefer to sear a steak on a thick cast iron, I’m not sure why but it always comes out better with a nice crust. I have an old Griswold CI that is thinner, but for steaks/burgers I prefer the results with my thicker Lodge CI, but I have no idea why that is.

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Yeah. It seems on their website, many of the carbon steel cookware from Made In are 2 mm.

Most of DeBuyer cookware are pretty thick, but their La Lyonnaise line is pretty thin. These will wrap until high heat usage.

Maybe this is my definitive question, your Made In cookware bottom is still flat?

Yes the bottom is still flat, but I’ve only had it for about a year and I have an old a wedgewood stove, so I don’t think I’m really pushing the btu limits.

I bought the Made In three quart saucier as it was recommended by Serious Eats.

I am very happy with it. Everything I’ve made cooks nicely, it is easy to clean, the handle stays cool, what’s not to like?

Can I ask a question? Is there any reason you go with Made In and instead of say… All Clad or Calphalon or other large name brand? Is it because you think the quality is better? Or is it because of price point is better? Or you like to support a smaller company? Many thanks. I think I can always get an saute pan (I don’t have one).

I chose Made In because it was recommended as the best overall saucier on Serious Eats. This is what they said about it.

“The Made In saucier had the best balance of weight, ergonomics, and performance of all the models tested. Its broad surface area was ideal for stirring, and it even comes with a 45-day trial period.”

The only time Serious Eats cookware recommendations have steered me wrong is with blenders. I bought a Vitamix and hated it. I returned it. However, I just bought the Cuisinart Hurricane blender based on Serious Eats’ recommendation.

I’ve wanted a saucier for a long time. Now that I bought an ice cream maker I was getting frustrated with the custards burning in the edge of my saucepan so I bought it. I’m so happy with it that I wish I’d bought it sooner.

Thanks. The photos do look nice.

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I saw a production of Made In’s carbon steel pans and pots. All made in France.

But all thinner than my favourite carbon steel cookware lines Darto and De Buyer Mineral B Pro. I would personally only favour thinner in carbon steel pans, if I had to buy a wok (better response time up & down)
Other than that thicker is clearly better. In my view.

So unless the price is very fair, I’d skip Made In carbon steel cookware. It’s rebranded ‘no name’ French made carbon steel cookware and too thin.

Darto and De Buyer Mineral B Pro cookware is priced pretty similar. Why buy Made In carbon steel cookware, when you can get the real thing ?

Feel free to disagree.

I don’t know anything about made in PLY cookware though.


According to their website, Made In is made in the U.S. and Italy.