[Macau] Bamboo noodles and crab congee from Wong Kun Sio Kun, Rua Do Campo

This traditional Cantonese noodle & congee shop specialises in bamboo-pressed noodles. The owner-chef, Cheang Kun Chi, has over 35 years’ experience in this traditional technique. He opened Wong Kun Sio Kun in 2000, and gained populariy for his fine-textured noodles, topped with dried shrimp roe (called “ha chi” in Cantonese).

The 2019 Michelin Red Guide to HK & Macau awarded Wong Kun Sio Kun a Michelin Plate for good cooking.

The other dish which the restaurant is famous for is the crab congee - subtly-flavoured and slow-cooked to achieve a smooth, creamy texture which the Cantonese prefer:

Dishes are simple, but hits the spot. Wait-staff served with rapid no-nonsense efficiency, no unnecessary banter. :joy:

Wong Kun Sio Kung (Rua do Campo)
308-310A Rua do Campo, Macau
Tel: +853 2837 2248
Operating hours: 10am to 2am daily.



My last position before I retired was as an administration manager. I’d always say that good restaurant service is like good administrative support - everything happens without you really realising it’s happening.


Very true!

My kind of place. The partner likes rice porridge and I like noodles with prawn roe. The shop sign is only in Chinese so I have to rely on the address and your photo if I go to Macau again in the future.

Btw, did you go by air? I took the new bus from HK for the first time. Looks like I will take the catamaran next time. No fast transport to the centre from the bus station. No money changing machine, hardly anyone around, no info. What’s the point of this? Surely not useful for tourists. The local bus takes so long and it’s absolutely full the whole time.

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Yes, we flew in directly to Macau from Singapore, which was just as well - HK was totally disrupted by the massive pro-democracy protests, including a two-day shutdown of the HK airport that week.