Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook Cookbook Review

Hi Everyone,

So my husband isn’t good at figuring what I want gift wise.

I do drop subtle hints the problem is that he has that “selective male hearing” issue.
The Doctor says that he’s not a candidate for hearing aids.

So I’m turning to my HO family for help.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.



Olunia, this book was paired with Koreatown as a COTM on Chowhound a few years ago, so some of the same folks cooked from both books and might be able to offer useful comparisons.

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That’s wonderful news and I hope that they do decide to chime in.
Hopefully, provide any notes if the wish to share any of their knowledge with the rest of us.

I’ve the book, tested several recipes. They are good for everyday cooking, and usually I succeed with my first try. The recipes are not particularly fuzzy with ingredients nor cooking methods and I would say authentic enough, the dishes did remind me of what I’ve eaten in my Korea trip in 2019. I use this book more than Koreatown for example. Maangchi has a wonderful blog, you can test a few recipes before investing in a book.


She also has a good YouTube channel