Maangchi's Big Book Of Korean Cooking: From Everyday Meals to Celebration Cuisine Cookbook Review

Hi Everyone,

So my husband isn’t good at figuring what I want gift wise.

I do drop subtle hints the problem is that he has that “selective male hearing” issue.
The Doctor says that he’s not a candidate for hearing aids.

So I’m turning to my HO family for help.

What does everyone think of this book?

Has anyone cooked from it and possibly have any recipe recommendations, tips and tricks?

I want to know if this book is shelf worthy.


I watch a lot of her videos and I think she’s probably the best YouTube cooking instructor for Korean food in the English language. Hard for me to justify a book when video content is so abundant.

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Nice to see you Alarash welcome !
I love video content it’s a great learning tool.
Also great for mastering techniques.
I like watching Nadia G’s Bitchen’ Kitchen yet prefer the written format to cook from.
So I have both of her cookbooks.

Hi Olunia,
Great to see you here!
Maybe I take it back about books. There are dishes I have learned from videos, and then when I go back to cook them a second time, I no longer want the length of the video and all I want is the recipe to remind me of the details and proportions. A book is perhaps, for me at least, the best follow up to learning from a video, since books are super efficient and videos can’t really be abbreviated or skimmed the way words can be. If you try her book, please let me know what you think.

Another option in that genre is Seonkyoung Longest, who used to live near me in Sacramento but I heard now moved to Hawaii. But I like Maangchi a tiny bit even more.

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Not sure about the book, but I have watched and followed her online recipes. She is pretty good when it comes to Korean foods.

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Thank you for the additional resource, I’ll take a look at it for sure.
I have made recipes from videos but a lot of pause and rewinding.
It works yet I do find it more time consuming.
I love videos to see if it is a dish that I might want to try and especially find them handy when learning new techniques.
As it turns out, my husband picked up Cook Korean ! It is an interesting read and I’m going to try and cook through that.
So, I’m going to immerse myself in securing ingredients and also cooking through a few of my Thai Cookbooks.
Perhaps I’ll post a review when I’ve cooked through the books.
I would like one of Maangchi’s books because she has videos to supplement her cooking and I really like that idea.
Nice to see you again!

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Let us know how it goes - I’ve been a fan of her website for years and have been thinking about getting her cookbook! I have used her recipes from her website, they are great.

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Thanks for the Website it will defenitely be a utilized resource.
Her first cookbook, which was self published is out of print, is available as an ebook free download.

Or on Kindle for a few dollars: