Lunch Meats of Our Youth


When I was young we would buy packages of Carl Buddig ham and turkey not for sandwiches but just snacked on as most was fed to the cat, although his favorite was round steak scraps for our chicken fried steak.

In high school I developed an affection for reubens so there was lots of corned beef.

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I made them by the way, Mom was at work. Other lunch favorites were hamburgers pan fried or chargrilled and the classic grilled Kraft American sort of cheese on white bread.

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Growing up in the 80s, Oscar Meyer bologna (pre-sliced from the round plastic package) was pretty standard fare in our house. My mom also had an old school hand-crank grinder she would use to make ham salad or roast beef salad out of dinner leftovers, although we kids wouldn’t touch it. Olive loaf, however, was a treat I only got at Grandma’s house! No idea why my parents wouldn’t buy it but I always enjoyed it when visiting Grandma. She served a wide variety of old-fashioned lunch meats, actually, but olive loaf was the only one I would eat. I remember my (pickier) siblings eating a lot of cheese and potato chip sandwiches at her house!



I was visiting my wife’s nephew yesterday to see his newly arrived daughter at a local hospital in Mineola NY…saw this sign and remembered our discussion here.



I didn’t even know ham salad was a thing until I saw it online in one of those “remember the 60s foods…?” types of lists. Can’t say I would have craved that. Was turning anything you didn’t finish into a salad or a pressed loaf something that common? I understand the drive to use all parts of an animal so you have head cheese, blood sausage and more interesting foods, but beef salad? Ham salad? Liver loaf… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Yes…but that is what this site overall is about…
I never had blood sausage until I was seventeen when an Argentine family moved into our community…at their barbecue…I LOVED IT!!



Yes. That’s exactly what we did.

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[quote=“kobuta, post:45, topic:16263”]
I didn’t even know ham salad was a thing
[/quote]I find ham salad delicious and would be happy to skip the baked ham dinner and go straight to the salad.



Good stuff that black pudding, if hard to find in the States.

Mom made scrumptious head cheese in the loaf pan using pork hocks and chicken liver. Sometimes we made school lunch sandwich with liverwurst (also [mis]-labeled braunschweiger) (both also went well with Ritz crackers).

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I’m actually a big fan of liverwurst, though I haven’t had it in years. For the sake of my waist line, I’ve refrained from jumping back in.

I love blood sausage, and in traditional Chinese cooking pig and ducks blood (coagulated) is not unusual. I really used to love that too. I like Korean blood sausage, but was blown away by a German version when I was in Wuerzberg for work. Even got my coworkers to like it!

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