Lunch 2024

Rice salad with finely diced radish, shallot, celery; cubed pork tenderloin and tarragon, mint, basil. Some radish sprouts joined the party along with pistachios, should have put in some capers.


And one of the ugliest things I have ever produced. A version of SK’s Basque cheesecake of which I was suspicious … perhaps in full format this might have been more pleasing, but 1/3 of the recipe did not make me a happy camper :joy:

Saved by a delivery for Father’s Day


Oooh! I love that Jeni’s salted peanut ice cream. :eyes:

Good to hear, one of our sons and spouse sent the box to my husband!

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Fried chicken sandwich from Picnic, a charcuterie in Albany, CA. Fridays only, but they have other sandwiches the rest of the week.


Looks like a solid chicken sammich

The best I’ve ever had, in fact.


Now that’s a good gift!

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Rigatoni in Bolognese sauce


Oh nooooooo!

It’s funny that the roughness is so clear in extruded form but I can’t see it in the cooked form.

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Very strange consistency with all that cornstarch, SK referred to it as silky, but I thought just a strange texture for cheesecake . Experiment over :joy:

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That’s a pity. Thanks for taking one for the team!

Why do we feel compelled to improve on a winner? I got ( what I consider) excellent results with the mini cheesecake recipe, sometimes, you just have to stop! I’ve made at least 3-4 different cheesecake recipes, and that one has been consistently on the money…not trying anymore.
Need to move on to perfecting other recipes :joy:

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Today’s lunch was a panzanella salad. It was like summer on a plate.


Was in the neighborhood washing my car, and decided to finally check out this new- ish butcher shop and deli and it didn’t disappoint!!
Got the Italian cold cuts, gabagool, provolone, salami, mortadell on a really fresh roll. Also grabbed some polish sausage and some house made csabai.
Will def return.
The yellow/orange tinge is from my new umbrella., not the sandwich :sweat_smile:


Why on earth was @PedroPero 's post flagged? I didn’t see it but I’ve never seen them post anything objectionable…


I had to flag it myself because it was glitchy after I tried to delete it. All good :blush:


I was wondering, too! @PedroPero wouldn’t hurt a fly!*

*Tho he might eat one if it were in one of his magnificent sammiches, perhaps :wink:

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Lame-o lunch my bestie chose at the market (with so many better options, too!).

Leberkässemmel with allegedly but not spicy mustard.