Lunch 2024

Had to head to Harrisburg today for an appointment, and had asked for recommendations for a good lunch place in my local food group. We settled on Pho 99, as the Vietnamese food in our town is mediocre at best, and it was a great choice: the shrimp summer rolls weren’t anything special,

but the small ( :rofl:!) pho with eye round and brisket was fantastic,

as was my PIC’s house special (with everything) banh mi.

The bread in particular was very good, with a nice crust and fluffy crumb, and all the toppings were great quality. The owners are Vietnamese, and when I mentioned where we came from to our waiter he commented that a lot of Vietnamese students travel to eat at their place. I’m not at all surprised.


I ate there last summer when I was house-sitting for my brother.

What did you think?

for the area (south-central PA) it’s not bad.

Yes, Saigon it is not :wink: But it beats our local lame-o place by several 100 miles as well as most Viet places I’ve been to in Berlin, save for one notable exception. And since it was just the two of us we could only try so much on the menu. I’d love it if it were closer to where I live.

A Strammes Mäxchen - Max’s lil brother - in anticipation of tonight’s indulgences. Half a slice of pane turano, local cream cheese, rosemary ham, havarti, local egg fried in bacon fat over easy.


I made some sourdough pita so I could stuff them with some of the okra (I froze it) and hard-boiled egg and it was pretty great. Have more frozen okra and pita, so it’ll make a nice little lunch when I need something quick.


Had to soak up last night’s party juice :woozy_face:

A local joint has an incredible lunch deal: a bacon-cheeseburger, fries & a soda for $7.50 - no substitutions. I couldn’t finish the boygah or the fries, both of which were perfection, but I feel mo bettah now. Might be time for a nap, actually :blush:


After @MunchkinRedux posted it, I had to make the chicken and orzo in a pot. Made in a rondeau since I made 3/4 chicken. I was going to do half and save the other half for Hainan chicken rice (for myself since Mom doesn’t exactly get excited about a dish of poached chicken) , but I much prefer just white meat for that dish, and mom loves chicken thighs, so I threw the extra quarter in and basically made about 2/3 of the recipe. Instead of dried tarragon I finished the dish with fresh mint along with the parsley since our mint grows without getting any use.
I cooked longer after the orzo went in as it wasn’t quite done in 15 minutes.
This tasted as comforting as I thought and I couldn’t decide if I liked it better with more lemon, with or without Parmesan. So can be adjusted lots of different ways depending on the person.


NAKAMORI JAPANESE again! - This time, trying out their Chirashi for lunch. However, the two desserts were more impressive and enjoyable!!

This time, our party of four picked 3 Bento-Boxes and a Chirashi.
The Bento-box description was already covered in my previous posting.
For my Chirashi bowl, beside the piece of top-

notch, melt in the mouth O-Toro, the rest of the toppings were fairly run-of-the-mill stuff.
However, both the Green Tea Tiramisu and Roasted Matcha Creme Brulee desserts combined to create a delicious, lip-smacking conclusion to another wonderful meal.


Love chirashi!

A Cobb salad with sunny crisp, kumatoes, chopped celery, 2 HBEs, 1 avocado, 4 strips of bacon, blue cheese crumbles - all tossed with bottled Marzetti’s Caesar dressing, the only commercial dressing I don’t find immediately off-putting, and I was too lazy to make the vinaigrette that would’ve been a lighter, better match. Still, very satisfying.


Managed to sleep through the first two hours of demolition this AM, so went w/out breakfast straight for lunch: two Cajun shrimp tacos. Great as usual :yum:


Today’s lunch was a cabbage salad with red pepper and kidney beans dressed with a lemon juice, evoo, garlic salad dressing and garnished with feta. Sorry about the crappy lighting.


I think the lighting is perfect, but the focus is a lil off :wink:


Agreed and I’m trying to work on that… I use my tablet to take my food photos but because it’s a little bigger than my phone I hold it with my non dominant hand so I can use my dominant hand to actually take the picture. I guess there’s a little shakiness while holding the tablet so the picture is out of focus.


A Popeyes fish sandwich today was much saltier than I remember from the last time they were offered. Too salty, in fact.

Curry on rice for lunch.

Tonkatsu. Pork Cutlet.

Minced Beef.

Shared between 2.



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A quick nosh before supermarket run. This should tide us over before dinner in a few.