Lunch 2023 (!)

You inspired me with this and I used my mid-day walk to get to the grocery for shallots, chilis, and thai basil. Will be making it day after tomorrow I think.

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Back in Brooklyn! Beef and Chinese broccoli for lunch, followed by this lovely Hong Kong Cake, all from East-West Snack Shop.


The Most Beautiful Taco Bell in the World. Sucked down 12 sachets of Diablo Sauce with a side of Chicken Chipotle Burrito plus a Beef Soft Taco.

Live fire and a deck with a glorious panarama of beach and ocean, replete with surfer gurls and dudes.

Live Dungeness @ $6/# off the single boat at Half Moon Bay. Tempted but passed for another day. Continued down Hwy 1.

Hit Mr. Emglows Santa Cruz, cut across to Little Saigon in San Jose.

Getting Herb ain’t what it used to be. Delicious. Nevertheless.

Relaxing way to waste a day.


Strammer Max. No ham inda house, so roast turkey breast had to sub. Grilled Italian loaf, cream cheese, turkey breast, havarti, 2 fried local eggses :yum:

'twas good, but would’ve been better with ham.


Same! I had ham though :joy: with Swiss cheese on Beckmann’s German farm bread.



Ciabatta with a swipe of mustard, mortadella, olive salad and cheese. The slaw was cabbage, fennel , radishes and à vinaigrette of chive flower white wine vinegar and Portuguese olive oil.

And for dessert, a hazelnut, pear, chocolate flake mini cake with a few sprinkles on top. I think a little sour cream on the side would be nice.


Good thing your profile is hidden. I’d try to track you down for that slaw alone! :smiling_imp:


You mean you looked? The chive blossom vinegar I make every Spring when they bloom. It’s particularly good when you unearth a bottle from the back of the pantry, circa 5/21.


:shamrock::ireland::shamrock: Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Today we had…colcannon, broccoli rabe and some deelicious corned beef. Enough leftover for sandwiches :yum:


Fab tacos from a local dude. 5 spice beef, chili lime chicken, roast pork.


Jameson Irish hanger??

Colcannon pancakes. Wifey does not allow imbibing before happy hour. She was still enjoying her beauty sleep as I was creating lunch. :wink:


Chicken Katsu with tonkatsu sauce, with a side of shredded cabbage and creamy sesame dressing.


Looks great - you mentioned Spring Break? Would you mind sharing the restaurant & city please? (Sorry, this regards the grilled shrimp - I responded to the wrong post.)

For lunch today on this sunny but cold day, we started with another citrus salad. Might be the last of the blood oranges for the season by me. Olives, capers, fennel,almonds and orange juice squeezed over it all.

Followed by Korean rice cakes in a pork Gochujang meat sauce, sesame oil and seeds, scallions and cilantro.


Leftovers for my wife’s lunch. She more often gets her own but was on calls all through lunch hours today (her team is in 3 different time zones) so asked me to fetch her something.

Leftover picanha-cavatappi Stroganoff, beefsteak tomato slices, and garlic butter Italian bread toast.

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Thanks! We haven’t hit Melbourne in a couple of years, but I want to go back. I mentioned a local place for low country boil in another post. But I hadn’t seen those lovely grilled shrimp there!

Thanks again!

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Homemade potato-leek soup. I froze some even though it has heavy cream in it; you do need to re-incorporate after reheating, but I think it’s fine.


Yesterday: Penne Rigate with smoked trout with a small salad on the side. And a quart of tomato juice.
Day before: spaghetti with onions and garlic, parsley, pepper and evoo. A banana.

Eating lots of carbs as I tend to some exterior maintenance that the HOA expressed displeasure over.