Lunch 2022

Sneak in some kimchi.

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LOL!!, if only. There are some casseroles I legit like. This ain’t one. But she can burn water, so I’d better appease.

In all seriousness, I think tater tot casserole with kimchi would be quite delicious.

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I don’t know if anything with TTC would be delicious. I might go kimchi with noodles, en vez de rice. Just leaves more TTC for my sugarcube. Hey, no complaints, easy to make.

A light English style breakfast for lunch, with broccolini garnish.


You know that’s an oxymoron, right? A delicious looking, wonderful oxymoron :heart_eyes:


Is that marmite on your toast?

Nope, just burnt!

I haven’t tried marmite but I have tried vegemite, its close cousin. It’s pretty good on toast with butter.


Deconstructed Chinese Zha Jiang Mian (炸酱面),


If you ever visit the UK, or some countries where they also eat Marmite and Bovril make sure to try both. I like to eat it with some very old cheese.

Here’s it’s a very nice Italian raw buffalo’s milk cheese but any good aged cheese if fine (unless you don’t like aged cheese…).

Bovril is the best tasting. These days I make do with marmite. Vegemite is… well, only if there’s no other option. But even then…


First Bee-Ell-Tee of the season. NOMSKEVITCH!


Lovely colour on the tomato. Next time show us the tomato before and after slicing, too! Some of us appreciate tomato “pron” :tomato:

Are you back in the US now?

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Yup, back at the homestead. The tomato & corn season is one of the few things I’d been looking forward to.

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Those are some fcuking awesome Toe-Maht-Toes.

They are :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Crispy Rösti potatoes were yesterday’s lunch. These were cooked stove top in butter , cheddar is hiding under the egg. The cast iron pan made them extra crispy with the advantage of being able to go in the oven if needs be.
Dessert was cherry tart.


Marmite (and the others) are very nice as an addition to stews to increase the umami factor (personally don’t like it on bread etc.)

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Lunch yesterday: a quarter of a toasted everything bagel, shmear, green materz, basil.

Lunch today: Bee Ell Tee. Only the second one this season, and dolphinately not the last :slight_smile:


And lunch today…whipped ricotta crostini, chili, honey and basil and if your right handed, a convenient handle to hold it. Quail, brined in buttermilk s&p, garlic, then dried well and dusted with paprika and cayenne, finger licking good. The side was a pilaf of épeautre, an ancient wheat, with assorted veggies. Trifecta of ice cream, raspberry, mango and nectarine.


Wow on that quail!!!

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr