Lunch 2022

Took some of the spicy Italian sausage I made out of its casing and made a really delicious pasta with zucchini and tomato sauce. Paccheri so you get sausage in every bite. I need to make this again!


Love paccheri!

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I liked it a lot. Beautiful, walkable, not too hot (at least when I was there!), friendly people, good food.

:+1: :pray:

^^ Misty morning - Lisboa 2006/01/05
(I have/felt an emotional connection to Lisboa, and the whole country…)


I made some baguettes on the weekend.

I used half of one to make a choripán with Argentinian chorizo from the Fatted Calf for lunch. And also veg with some of the chimichurri.


And lunch was….burrata with evoo, preserved lemon paste and sorrel @linguafood .Followed by mini rigatoni with yellow and green zucchini, grated cheese and herbs from the garden. A slice of strawberry tart was desssert.



Where d’ya get the brilliant idea for using preserved lemon and sorrel with your burrata? Looks fab!


Surely you jest! I didn’t bother to tag you this time as I had credited you the first time when I only had mozzarella…but burrata is the bomb :grin:

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Yah, I was just kidding :wink:

I really have to make that dish - I have two lovely balls of burrata in the fridge currently. No sorrel, tho :frowning:

Maybe a little lemon thyme would work or lemon verbena?

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I’ll have a look what herbs I have access to at the next farmers market. The stupidmarket near me doesn’t carry such “fancy” stuff. It’s parsley, dill, chives, basil, cilantro, rosemary, thyme - that’s pretty much it.

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Open faced sandwiches with deviled egg salad

Ironically, today was a day that the eggs peeled perfectly…


Deviled egg SALAD? How have I never thought of this??? Mind. blown.

All of the flavors of deviled eggs with the added benefit of your favorite bread!

I LOVE HBE sammiches - I usually do open-faced (it’s the German in me) on a nice toasted rye. A lil shmear of cream cheese, 1-2 HBEs depending on the size of the bread slice :wink: s&p.

But this takes it to a whole new level :star_struck:

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Thank you! But, now I really want to try the HBEs on a good toasted rye with the cream cheese. Looks like I now have an excuse to make a rye loaf… :slight_smile:

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Bucatini all’Amatriciana


Fried mortadella sandwich with mild provolone, hot pickled cherry peppers, and brown mustard. Nap soon.


Tamagoyaki with nori, saba shioyaki, rice with furikake and umeboshi, takuan, veg with Kewpie sesame dressing, miso soup.


I adore tuna salad (mayo) or egg mayo but they have to be a bit chunky. Don’t care for tuna or egg “paste”. Anyway lunch the other day was tuna on Arnold thin slice oatmeal bread-- toasted-- with romaine & plain Wise potato chips. Heaven!

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr