Lunch 2022



Fried eggs (2), bacon (5), on a Pretzel Roll


I was a lasagna noob until my SO took me to a long shuttered place in Trenton called Maruca’s. Huge place and awesome for excellent late night pizza. The picture on the box of lasagna I bought to make my own happened to have some peas and carrots in the lasagna and every once in awhile I just get it. I was like oh lasagna is a leftover dish! So I am not shy about a few additions. I made my first lasagna under the watchful eye of my SO. There were no “no preboil” dried noodles back then. None of this white sauce stuff was used either. I have learned the hard way not to use too much sauce. The layers get overwhelmed instead of distinctive. Sometimes you need to pre plan for leftovers so none of this fried ground beef nonsense. Leftover smushed meatballs for this household. To me lasagna is a labor of love. With spinach added. Woot


Love the Five pieces of bacon

I think both you and I would’ve loved it more if it was six. Or seven. Or maybe eight …

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Smoked salmon bennies


Wow. Those are perfect. Care to share your poaching method? I had eggs benny out at a fab brunch place, but the whites were still a little too underdone for me.

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Thanks, I just used these silicone poaching devices mentioned in the Poached Eggs thread by @small_h :

These were extra large eggs so they were in for 6 minutes.


Well duh. I try to be mindful when I eat. When I stand in the kitchen sampling the bacon I just fried up I remind myself to still my mind and really appreciate that one or three pieces that are just for me. The first bite is the most exquisite. Time seems to freeze for a precious moment. Have not had much fine wine lately but I have heard that people are discouraged from making a toast with fine wine lest emotions interfere with the taste. Bacon is my fine wine.

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I think you inspired me. Cdc and I went to our local deli giuliano’s for breakfast sandwiches. No Bacon but we got taylor pork roll and egg, sausage and egg, hash browns, and a steak sandwich with egg. Hey we are close to philly yo. We decided to get one of the sandwiches on a croissant and the lovely cook who was all alone pronounced croissant like the french do. This is lansdale so I almost fainted. The steak was on a long roll and the sausage was on a kaiser roll. She fried the eggs to order. The hash browns were deep fried, Woot.


The southern people in Germany don’t know how to make Franzbroetchen - they shouldn’t include poppy seeds but cinnamon (and perhaps raisins) - they are also a typical pastry mainly made in the Hamburg area

Hanger steak sandwich with chimichurri, frozen fries, and veg.


Yesterday’s lunch…red leaf lettuce , sautéed peppers, snow peas, Swisschard stems , thinly sliced cucs, radish and tomato . Topped with room temperature sliced meatballs I had made earlier in the morning, everything drizzled with a mustardy vinaigrette and fresh herbs. And then we had a delicious raspberry tart, crème légère with a little eau de vie Framboise, the crust had a thin layer of melted chocolate prior to the crème.


Friday lunch: a very good tuna baguette with olives and HBE purchased at Lisboa airport. As far as airports go, the food selection is pretty awesome. From rotisserie chicken to pasteis to sammiches - it’s all there.


Sicilian inspired filled breads with greens and cheese is the title of the article in The Guardian by Rachel Roddy. Th recipe is also in her book,
“Two Kitchens”. In the book, it’s a large pie rather than hand pies but I adapted for hand pies and made six. Filling was chard, sautéed onions, garlic, peperoncini, oil cured black olives , sausage, grated cheese and ricotta. The filling can be any wide range of vegetables, cooked and well drained. We had the first two warm from the oven, two were frozen and two refrigerated. I subsequently warmed the two refrigerated ones in a skillet over low heat and they reheated quite well. I might tweak the dough a bit next time, it’s a lean dough with just a little olive oil…true to its origins.

Dessert was the remaining crème légère with berries and apricots.


Did you like Lisboa? What are your impressions of the capital?

Brought back from recent holiday in Middle Mosel

New season Matjes arrived last week. I have already ate them several times (plain and whole fish), but back to my favourite way, with dairy and some sour fruit (Pink Lady in this).

A bit Swedish-style “Midsommar” (mid-summer) meal but without the singing and dancing.

Claws of brown crab (Cancer pagurus)

Do this once a year

551gr/1,2lbs from 2kg/4,4lbs.

Steamed asparagus. Crispy fried Speck on top.

Smoked (Mett)wurst (a type of sausage) cooked in the broth. Also boiled red potatoes.

A meal back in Middle Mosel. Sparkling Riesling and Frikadellen (pork-beef mince patties).



Lunch today was prosciutto stuffed tortellini (store bought) with fresh morels and peas. A touch of sour cream before serving because I am my grandmother’s granddaughter.



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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
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