Lunch 2022

Last night we had beef Stroganoff, and there was a bit left. I sliced and grilled onions and fished beef and mushrooms out of the sauce and heated them, not rinsing them but leaving what clung. It was redolent with smoked paprika in sour cream, broth, and Sherry. I put sliced Swiss cheese on sliced bread, piled on the grilled onions and the heated beef and mushrooms, put another slice on top, and grilled them as you would a grilled cheese, with a press. The result was a cross between Stroganoff, cheese steak, and grilled cheese. It was good enough I’d put it on a menu.


Breakfast sandwiches with ham and sausage, and a Trader Joe’s frozen hash brown patty.


Rigatoni alla carbonara, broccolini and tomato.


Curry udon with beef


Sourdough bread followed by open faced sandwiches. Toasted a thick slice of the bread and then spread with stuzzichino hot pepper spread. Next topped with ricotta and a little preserved lemon paste. Last layer was prosciutto, black pepper and a little olive oil. Worthy of a repeat!


Beautiful bread.

Thank you, it’s a very consistent recipe. The breads turn out the same every time I make them. The recipe was developed by Andrew Janjigian and he refers to it as The Loaf.


A piece of a big skate wing.

Steamed green asparagus

Pork filets were pounded flat and thin. They curled up and looked thick here. Made in the style of Portuguese “bifana”.

Bolo de caco brought back from Madeira

Real Mexican flour tortillas and prawns to make tacos. Oysters for slurping on the side.


Is the recipe online? Please post a link so (I or) others can have a go at making it, too. Thanks.

Nice carbonara!

It’s best to eat broccoli (or other cruciferous vegs) with cooked/processed tomatoes, like you do. They work together and help boost nutrient absorption.


Please just google the information I gave above as I don’t want to mess up sending a link since I haven’t done it on this format. It’s at


I have to remember to do this!
(What do you do with the preserving liquid? Discard or use somewhere?)


I’m generally making it with my own citrus. I remove most of the flesh and purée with olive oil. Keep in fridge with a thin layer of oil on top. I had a sort of “recipe”, I’ll see if I can find it.

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I remove the pits, chop up the preserved lemons and use the puree in many things.

The loaves I make are 350g bread flour, 150g white whole wheat flour…I include a few tablespoons rye with the whole wheat… my starter is composed of the same 3 flours.

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It’s roughly one cup chopped preserved lemon to 1/2 cup EVOO. I find it too salty to include all the flesh, you might want to try a small amount to see what suits you. I probably make half of the above amount . I’ve also made it with preserved tangelos. I’ve also made small amounts with fresh herbs added to the purée. Regarding the liquid, mine is very thick and salty so I use it judiciously :grin:

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I changed the iconic family lasagna recipe handed down by elders from NJ by mixing cooked spinach into the ricotta. Love it that way. Wish I could start a whole thread about this issue: ." Most sad that no one else in my family does, so this is very much an “out” type of food for me, if I can find it where we dine out…" Cdc (constant dining companion) is a dear but he will not eat shrimp, only likes chicago deep dish style pizza etc etc Easy enough to work around but my ex neighbor loved broccoli and could never serve it because her family hated broccoli and her family was not much for eating out either. I could go on and on, you know I can do it, but I feel for you. Love creamed spinach etc. luckily cdc loves most vegetables. Trying to encourage him to cook a little more but he was making jumbo stuffed shells and I encouraged him to add a teeny pinch of nutmeg to the spinach cheese mix. He misheard me and added a teaspoon of nutmeg. Doh. He ate it anyway but after a couple of bites I got “full”.

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I’ve always mixed a package of chopped thawed and squeezed-dry spinach into the ricotta when I make lasagna. I don’t even remember when I started doing that, but it’s been forever.


Fanfreakintastic brunch at a cute lil place down the road from us in Lisboa, Seventh.

Eggs Benny and The Twist: 2 pancakes stacked with cheddar, bacon, a fried egg, maple syrup and the house toasted salty granola. Really good, and an 80s playlist to boot :star_struck: I never wanted to leave. Good cappuccino and latte macchiato, too :slight_smile:

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr