Looking for your favorite crab cake recipe

Dungeness season is in full swing today . I always just steam the crab and stand over the sink and crack and eat . I still will do that . But this time I also would like to make crab cakes . Planning on making these for Thanksgiving . So I would like to hear of your favorite crab cake recipe . It doesn’t have to be a dungeness recipe . Thanks

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One pound of crab, two eggs, 3-4 T mayo, 1 t old bay 1 t dry mustard 1 t worcestershire & 1/2 cup panko crumbs. I try to use the least amount of binders - if the cakes are hard to form and manage and seem to fall apart before you get them in the pan to fry them (in butter:) they will be the best ones. I form them inside baking rings on a sheet pan and chill for an hour or two.
I am so jealous of your access to dungeness!! Have only had it twice in my life and remember it as the best crab ever.
Crab casserole is another good recipe and easy to prep ahead.

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Thanks for your recipe Elsie . Sounds good .

This looks way more complicated than it is. My dad is obsessed with crab, and last Christmas i actually made these for him (and the other crab eaters) with dungeness in CA. The chilling steps are really important since there is no binder, the cakes held together quite well. I’ve been asked to make them again this year. (Fun fact: i don’t eat crab myself! But these got rave reviews from people serious about their crab cakes)

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Thanks for this one . A serious crab cake recipe . As you said reads complicated , but follow the steps . No problem . I hope you make some for your dad this Christmas again . I’m in Santa Cruz .

Panko, egg, green onion tops, Old Bay. Sometimes sauteed green onion bottoms, sweet peppers and celery.

Homemade tartar sauce.

Dangit! Now you’ve done it - off to the store! I saw lump crab yesterday at my local HEB for $13/lb. It’s from Mexico, but I’ve used it before and it was pretty good.

What’s funny timing here is i just talked to dad the other day and he was saying how he was on his way to the fish place on the not touristy warf in monterey to check if they had crab, and then “well, you’re going to make those crab cakes again at christmas, right…??” Hahaha. Works out great since his prep chef contribution is picking out all the crab. Hope you enjoy it! I remember day after xmas the leftover two cakes were topped with avocado and a poached egg when he made brunching for himself and mom- i think he had just reheated them in a skillet from the fridge.

I actually lived in santa cruz for about a year a very long time ago, and really loved it. I try and visit again once a year or so

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For some reason I have really bad experience with crab cakes, they always fall apart on me. Probably not using enough binder. There is also something in Old Bay seasoning that really sets off my allergies.

I have taken to making crab potstickers instead using wonton wrappers. Really delicious, no mayo, and easy to freeze in leftovers.

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