Looking for indestructible dinnerware/dishes that are microwave safe for reheating

Is there such a thing? Really looking for something sturdy that is less prone
to break/sturdy??? but no plastic. Anyone who has seen my " what’s for dinner" pics surely has noticed
my goodwill dishes, the last of which I destroyed today. I shatter at least
a plate a week. Eventually goodwill is going to run out of replacement plates,
besides they are hideous…

WOW! I’ve had one small vintage bowl break in the MW and I MW a lot. How long do you MW? If I’m warming a plate for serving it’s usually 30-60 seconds. If I’m reheating food, I don’t MW for more than a minute without stirring.

I break them by dropping them
I would prefer they be microwave
safe for rewarming purposes because
regarding meal time…DH does not come when called

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Well, unless you go the plastic or paper route, I don’t know of anything that won’t generally break if you drop it on the floor.

I have some basic white dinnerware from Crate and Barrel that is MW safe and fairly sturdy. It would break if I dropped it on my tile floor, of course, but I have dropped pieces from a foot or so onto my granite countertops without breaking them (or the counter, thankfully). It was pretty inexpensive, too, so no big deal to replace a plate or two if they do break.

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Corelle is the way to go. They are made from laminated glass-“Vitrelle” and are very tough. And easy to wash. At one time or another there were 3 different thicknesses, but the thin ones are the most popular. The heavier stuff was sometimes called “Ultra”, “Luxe”. “Infinia” or Vitrelle 2. I’ve forgotten how to recognize the older medium weight-.although Target sold some more recently labeled Corelle “Pro” that was slightly thicker-medium weight…Also, I think the old “Cornerstone” patterns were medium weight.

Old patterns often found on Ebay.

The matching mugs are made of different material and are sort of useless, although long ago some of the cups were Vitrelle. No offense intended, but most of their patterns were not very attractive. But as you use them, they grow on you. Still made in USA. Oh and AVOID anything that says Corelle ‘Hearthstone’ as it is completely different- in a bad way.


I don’t personally care for the look or feel but understand that they are sturdy.

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Are you against disposable or just plastic. You can find some durable bamboo in the market but it won’t last forever - but it won’t break if you drop it. I haven’t had it around long enough to know how it holds up to microwaving.

But another avenue to think about.

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Thank you everyone so much for your input.
Much more than I expected, I appreciate your
I’m going to check out each option,
but am currently leaning towards
the Corelle, I think it best suits my needs.
I will report back after purchase.

Thank you for taking the time to share such detailed info.

I think I have a few pieces of corelle. They are pretty study.

Agreed. We used to have regular ceramic plates and they would chip and break easily. Not to mention they were heavy. I ended up replacing them with these square Corelle plates:

I bought them from the Corelle outlet though, so I bought the dinner plates and lunch plates open stock. They have been banged and knocked around with no issue. My dog had knocked a couple off the counter and tables too and they’ve held up.

Sure. Break-resistance dinnerware is a good place to start. Of course, Corelle is one of them.

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Those are all plastic or melamine and certainly not microwave safe… except the Corelle.

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It’s just a matter of finding a pattern / set that we can both live with … thank you again
I would like to mix and match from the open stock but I would need to really see them in person

Just to let you know, even in the round dinner plates, the diameter as well as the edges vary. Some are 10 1/4 "and a few are 10 3/4. Some have a raised boarder, some with swirls or flutes. Most just gently sweep up to the edge. An example of a 10 3/4 plate with a raised shoulder would be “Dazzling White”. I liked the old cornerstone shape because it had a raised shoulder but the shoulder wasn’t too wide. But I ended up buying a pattern called ‘Radiance’. This link gives a minor description and on the right side lists some categories https://www.microwavecookingforone.com/Corelle/DiscontinuedCorelle.html

I like the blue floral, discontinued of course, funny initially I was looking for yellow and couldn’t find anything.
Thank you so much once again…I’ll keep you posted

Is it me or are the older patterns a lot nicer than the current ones?

Corelle is definitely sturdy. Over the years I may have broken one plate and chipped two or three bowls by dropping them on ta hard floor, but we bought ours back in the mid-1970s, so that’s not a bad record.

My only complaint is that they discontinued the two patterns we have over twenty years ago!

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Square Corelle dishes and bowls in pure white and Duralex Picardie drinking glasses. Almost Zen-like in their elegant simplicity IMO.


Blue floral is sold on ebay, some only a few, one guy had 4- this person has 8 dinner plates and also 7 salad plates http://www.ebay.com/itm/8-Corelle-Blue-Floral-10-1-4-Dinner-Plates-Tan-Blue-Onion-EUC-/222103534287?hash=item33b666facf:g:SbAAAOSwu1VW7zzs

Here’s a yellow http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-Corelle-Sun-Garden-Luncheon-Plates-8-1-2-Very-Good-/131807427251?hash=item1eb055bab3:g:hVAAAOSw8vZXL8se